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How To Make a Santa Claus Doll At Home

Misty Thomas
By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make a Santa Claus Doll At Home

With Christmas right around the corner, there are many simple crafts ideas that you can do with your children to make some homemade decorations and get them in the Christmas spirit while encouraging their creativity. One of these crafts is making a Santa Claus doll. In this article, OneHowTo will show you a simple way to help your children make a homemade Santa Claus doll.

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  1. Necessary Materials - Santa Claus Doll
  2. Part One - The Body and Head
  3. Part Two
  4. The Finishing Touches

Necessary Materials - Santa Claus Doll

Making this Santa Claus doll will take you and your children about 45 minutes to make. You will need the following supplies:

  • Printed Santa Face or a Mrs. Claus face, which you can find online
  • Red and Green Chenille Rods, 1 1/2 for each doll you want to make
  • Glue
  • White or clear glitter
  • Scissors
  • Clear Varnish to coat the dolls when you are done
How To Make a Santa Claus Doll At Home - Necessary Materials - Santa Claus Doll

Part One - The Body and Head

Once you have all of the materials handy, you will be ready to make your Santa Claus doll.

  • Cut the 12 inch chenille rods into 6 inch pieces (x4).
  • Bend the chenille rods into a V shape. These will be the legs and arms of your Santa doll. Set the pieces aside and do the body and the head of your Santa Claus doll.
  • To make the body of your dolls, bend a rod around your pinkie finger and twist the ends a couple of time. The loop that is made will be your doll's head.

Part Two

The next step in this process is for us to connect some of the rods so that we can have legs and arms.

  • Now it is time to connect the arms and legs of your doll. You can do this by linking the two pieces into the center and simply twisting them together. Twist them together two or three times to make sure they are held together tightly. To do this, put one upside down (in V shape) and other in A shape.
  • Put the legs and arms in the center of what will be your doll's body. This is the part you've previously made. The head of your doll should be at the top. Now you will need to take the ends at the bottom and bend them up so that they are over the shoulders. You can do this by pinching the rods very firmly.
How To Make a Santa Claus Doll At Home - Part Two
Image: pixabay

The Finishing Touches

You now have the body of your Santa Claus but it is lacking personality. You should:

  • Find a face from an online Santa website and print it out. Or you can find one in a magazine. You can glue the head onto your doll so it has a face.
  • Stick some cotton on to his face to make it look like a beard.
  • Put glitter on its beard to add some sparkle.
  • Coat the doll with clear varnish so it looks shiny.

You just made a Santa Claus doll at home just in time for Christmas!

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How To Make a Santa Claus Doll At Home