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What to Wear for Holi Color Festival

By Sara . Updated: March 9, 2017
What to Wear for Holi Color Festival

Holi is the only festival in India where it doesn’t matter what you wear because at the end of the day you will come back home unrecognizable and splashed in myriad of color. But with passing day as colors are being laden with chemical we must decide properly what to wear so that we can save most of our body parts from chemicals and yet enjoy the festival. For this reason, here at oneHOWTO we explain you what to wear for Holi color festival.

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  1. Color of your attire
  2. Avoid transparent and clingy clothes
  3. Leave your expensive accessories at home
  4. Footwear
  5. Save your hair
  6. Wear old clothes
  7. Save your nails with nail art
  8. Makeup

Color of your attire

Traditionally white is the most preferred color worn while playing Holi. But you can experiment with any other color too. White is the preferred color because it leaves the color pigments to stand out. Thus, your t-shirt will be turned into a technicolor canvas that you can proudly wear throughout the holi festival and even keep as a reminder of the good time you had. Wear shorts, this is the best option due to the weather conditions during the Holi period. White is also the best option for your bottoms though, if you're a woman, you can also opt for a white dress.

However, you can choose any color you like if you want to experiment with the pigments. We recommend wearing pastel colors, with bright clothes the paint might not look as good! Remember that what is important in Holi is the color powder, so wearing white clothes will allow it to stand out and look great.

Avoid transparent and clingy clothes

Transparent or clingy clothes can spell havoc for you when splashed with water. Sometimes it even attracts unwanted attention especially in an open crowd. It’s best to wear sensible clothes in which you can enjoy yourself and have a good time.

If you choose white attire take care that white becomes transparent when splashed with water, we suggest thick fabrics such as 100% cotton. Also, it's best if you wear some standard plain underclothes so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of the crowd.

What to Wear for Holi Color Festival - Avoid transparent and clingy clothes

Leave your expensive accessories at home

Playing holi is too much fun and frolic. In such an environment it’s best not to brandish your costly and branded items in the open. Expensive accessories like handbags, belts or sunglasses may fall into ground and could be crushed or damaged by the crowd. Also someone might take advantage of the crowd and silently take off with your precious watch or phone. Just for the same reason, save your expensive jewelery for a different occasion. It is best to go to the Holi festival without any expensive accessories, as it is easy for them to get lost.


Choose your footwear sensibly during Holi. You have to run, walk and dance for hours on end. So, select a pair of footwear in which you will be comfortable for hours. Most preferred foot wears during Holi are slippers, flip flops, sneakers and ballerinas. However, if you're wearing flip flops bear in mind that someone might step on you and this could hurt. We recommend you to use comfortable footwear such as a good pair of old sneakers you don't feel like wearing for much longer.

Save your hair

If you want to save your hair from chemicals from all the different synthetic colors then we advise you to cover your head with a bandana, hat or cap. Also oil your hair before going out to play holi to safeguard your hair from colors. This will make your hair easier to clean when you go home and take a shower.

Tip: Use almond or coconut oil on your skin too before you head out for Holi festival, this will help you remove holi color from your face and body when you're done.

What to Wear for Holi Color Festival - Save your hair

Wear old clothes

If you don’t want to ruin a new dress then wear your old clothes. Wear them, splash them with color and then throw them away. This way you won't need to care for your clothes and just keep all your attention on having a good time at Holi. When we say wear old clothes for Holi, we are also referring to underwear. Put on some old and almost useless undies you won't be missing or you might have to say goodbye to your favorite lingerie after having it covered in pigment, even if they're not in direct contact with the powder.

Save your nails with nail art

Nails without nail polish absorb colors easily. So, cover your nail with nail color to protect them. A great idea to create an impression is to sport funky colorful nail art which matches with the theme of Holi.

What to Wear for Holi Color Festival - Save your nails with nail art


Keep makeup very simple and waterproof because at the end of the day your face will be in a much more colorful version. It is advisable to wear some makeup so it will save your face from the chemicals of the color dust. Also, remember to put on sunscreen as you will surely remain all day out in the sun.

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  • Extra tip: Make sure you either forget your camera at home or save it from the powder and water by wrapping it up well in some cling film or similar if you do want to try and get a shot from the core of the festival.
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What to Wear for Holi Color Festival