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How to Dress for Dandiya Night

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Dress for Dandiya Night

Indians celebrate the nine days festival of Navratri with great pomp and show. Dandiya nights are the traditional ways of celebrating the Navratri in the state of Gujarat, but they are conducted in all parts of the country these days. On these nights, people dress up in traditional Indian attire and dance up to the beats. They wear bright colors and adorn heavy accessories to turn heads at those Dandiya nights. If you are also planning to go for a Dandiya night this festival, read this OneHowTo.com article to know how to dress for dandiya night.

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Steps to follow:


To dress for dandiya night, always think of bright colors while going for a Dandiya. Indian festivals are all about an insurgence of bright hues. Undoubtedly, Indians express their joy and excitement by way of colors, and nothing can be a better way to bring joy to Navratri than dressing up in bright colors, like you do when dressing for other festivities such as Diwali. So, grab all those magentas and royal blues to make a statement at this Dandiya night.


Lehengas are the best outfit for Dandiya nights. They are traditional, and at the same time comfortable. There is a wide variety of lehengas that you can choose from, including the chaniya choli, jacket lehenga, longer choli, high neck choli and A-line patterned lehenga. There can be a huge array of embellishments that can adorn your lehenga, such as mirror work, embroidery, motifs, laces, flares, conch shells and brocade.

How to Dress for Dandiya Night - Step 2

Keep your makeup under limit. Dandiya nights bring along with them lots of dancing and profuse sweats. So, make sure that you keep your makeup to minimums and natural, as the sweat while dancing may cause your makeup to pile up on your face and build ugly cakes. If you can’t go without makeup, waterproof cosmetics will be your best bet.


Stay away from high heels, as you would be more comfortable in flats while dancing all night. Juttis and kolhapuris can be the right footwear to dance in all night. Make sure that the footwear that you wear is not brand new, as you may not know how they fit and they may give you a couple of bites as well. Make sure to wear a pair that you are always comfortable in.

How to Dress for Dandiya Night - Step 4

Whether you are wearing a lehenga, suit or saree to the Dandiya night, make sure to secure it properly with the help of safety pins. Remember, you will be doing lots of dancing and running around at the Dandiya night. So, you would never want to give way to a wardrobe malfunction at this kind of event at least.


Use as heavy the accessories as you can handle. Believe it or not, Indians do not like to keep things simple and practical, especially when it comes to celebrating their festivals. They do their best to make things loud, flashy and flamboyant. So, as far as dressing up for the Dandiya night is concerned, this is the best occasion to show off those king-size jhumkas, kamarbands and maang tikkas.

How to Dress for Dandiya Night - Step 6

Don’t let your hair loose, as loose hair can become extremely unmanageable while dancing, especially when they become drenched with sweat, take a look at these simple hairstyles for Saree if you need inspiration. As there will be so many other people dancing around you, your hair may get stuck with someone’s moves or accessories, and cause discomfort for you. So, do a braid or a bun and fix it properly in place. At Dandiya nights, your outfit will be the one that will do most of the talk.

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How to Dress for Dandiya Night