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What Is a Solitaire Diamond Ring For?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. March 18, 2021
What Is a Solitaire Diamond Ring For?

Jewelers across the world have customers passing their threshold daily looking for solitaire diamond rings. Their popularity is obvious once you see them as solitaire diamonds can be used for some of the most beautiful jewelry available. Despite being so popular, many people don't know the real meaning behind the solitaire ring. If you are thinking of buying a solitaire diamond ring, perhaps even for an engagement, it is important to know the concepts behind this piece of jewelry.

At oneHOWTO, we ask what is a solitaire ring used for? We explain the meanings behind this high-end diamond so you can decide whether this is the perfect ring for your partner.

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  1. What is a solitaire ring?
  2. What is the solitaire ring for
  3. How to choose the perfect diamond solitaire ring

What is a solitaire ring?

Although solitaire rings are some of the most bought and sold jewelry in the world, many of us simply see it as beautiful. We don't necessarily think about the meaning of the ring. When referring to diamonds, the term ‘solitaire’ is used in reference to how the stone is set, in this case on its own. Any jewel which is set in a single stone is called a solitaire.

We can find solitaire diamonds not only in rings, but in earrings, necklaces, bracelets or anywhere you can place a diamond. However, the piece of jewelry perhaps most associated with the solitaire diamond is the engagement ring.

Solitaire ring characteristics

The solitaire ring is a simple piece of jewelry, consisting of a metal ring embedded in it. Gold and silver are the most common metals for the ring part. This stone is usually a precious stone, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and, of course, diamonds. However, they can also be used for pearls, amethysts, malachite, topaz and others.

Once the metal for the ring and type of stone have been selected, the options and designs are endless. The stones can be carved into almost any shape. Commonly, they are set as ovals, hearts, pear-shape and circular. The color will vary depending on the stone chosen to create the ring.

What is the solitaire ring for

The solitaire ring is a piece of jewelry bolstered by a long history. Traditionally, the solitaire symbolizes the commitment and fidelity between a couple. For this reason, it has become greatly associated with engagements and commitment rings. When used for something as serious as marriage, it is a bold statement, implying that the receiver is ‘the one’ for the giver.

In addition, the diamond represents purity and strength. These are two concepts most associated with monogamous relationships, implying they are committing to each other and are strong enough to meet the responsibility of this commitment.

History of the solitaire ring

To find the first solitaire rings we must go back to the year 1477 when Maximilian I of Austria, soon to be the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. In this year, he decided to marry Mary of Burgundy. In order to show his power and be able to close the deal, he gave her a metal ring with a diamond set in it.

This is considered the first engagement ring in history and, without a doubt, marked a watershed in the craft of jewelry. This gesture by Maximillian I has become a tradition which is carried on to this day. In most cases, rings used in marriage proposals are diamond solitaire rings.

What Is a Solitaire Diamond Ring For? - What is the solitaire ring for

How to choose the perfect diamond solitaire ring

Now that you know the meaning behind diamond solitaire rings and what they represent, you will need to take into account different factors when choosing yours. If you are choosing an engagement ring, the solitaire is one which can make your partner speechless. To get it right, we need to consider where it will end up, i.e. on the ring of your beloved. Their skin type and tone will be important factors, but size is also important. Borrow another of her rings and measure it for a guide to get the right size.

When selecting the right kind of metal and stone for your solitaire ring, it will need to be one which is best suited to their hand. We will also want to know what are our potential fiance's personal tastes. Remember that the diamond solitaire ring is a symbol of commitment, so it is one which you should expect to spend some money on. While it is better not to bankrupt yourself, spending money on the ring will help you to get something sophisticated and elegant. However, bear in mind, your partner might also want to look for something more avant-garde or designed.

Whatever choice you make, choosing a diamond solitaire ring needs to be the right decision. Make sure it is something you know you both want and you can't go wrong. It will just go all the more right with a diamond solitaire ring.

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What Is a Solitaire Diamond Ring For?