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Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 12, 2020
Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin

Indian skin texture is beautiful. They have a dusky tone that gives you plenty of options to plan your look for the big day. But unfortunately, most of the bridal makeup ideas are designed for fair skinned girls. Majority of Indian women have a darker skin tone, and we cannot change this system of nature. But here at, we can give you some fantastic ideas to complete your Indian bridal makeup for dark skin.

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  1. The base
  2. Your eyes
  3. Lips
  4. Blush
  5. Nails

The base

Several bleaches available in India are successful at making your skin tone a couple of shades lighter. Follow the instructions properly to ensure that you are doing it right, though you can also lighten your skin naturally. Some creams are also available that can make your skin look lighter and younger. Some white tone powder and foundation powder will also work.

Use a foundation that is similar to the tone of your skin color. The concealer that you use to touch up your blemishes should be lighter than the skin tone, and the one that you use to contour the face should be darker. Whether your skin type is dry, oily or combination also has a lot to do with the foundation and concealer that you choose. On the under-eye areas, use a concealer that is a little bit darker. This will avoid those ghastly white patchy looks. Liquid foundation works better for dark skin than powder or cream based foundation, as it is successful at adding some shine to your face. Dilute some water in your foundation to make it even on your skin.

Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin - The base

Your eyes

Dark metallic colors like copper, green, purple, brown and burgundy are great for dark skin tones. Smoky eyes look fantastic with dark complexion of Indian skin. Give a heavy mascara lashing to get brilliantly kohled eyes. Shimmery bronze shades look glamorous on dark-skinned Indian brides. An eye-shadow primer will even out your eye-lid’s skin tone, and will also work against vanishing and creasing makeup.

Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin - Your eyes


Selecting lip colors for darker skin tones is a challenging task. Use lipstick shades of coffee, beige, chocolate, plums, gold, berry, soft pink or burgundy. Avoid lipsticks that give a frosty finish or the ones that give too much gloss. Never use blood red and light pink colors on dark skin tone, otherwise you will end up appearing as a horrifying ghost. Apply bold colors or use slight nude look. You might also want to wear a bindi that goes well with your skin tone.

Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin - Lips


Shades like bronze, dark peach, coral, deep orange, wine, gold and rose, and any other darker blush colors will best compliment your dark skin tone. Use strobing or highlighting techniques to bring out best features of your face contours. These techniques are essentially suitable for darker skin girls, as they enhance your face areas where light shines at its best. Apply some peach toned blush just below the cheek highlights to give a healthy glow to your bridal look.


Dark and bold colors like shiny bronze, black and forest green will suit your skin tone best. Remember that dark is beautiful, and your skin tone has the best canvas to craft different looks in terms of makeup and style. Choose your colors well and create that stunning look to bring those compliments in.

Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin - Nails

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Indian Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin