How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget

If you have to prepare a First Communion for one of your children and you have a tight budget or just simply want to have an economical celebration, it is not an impossible task. A First Communion should not be a reason for the family to get into debt. It is simply something that should be celebrated. From we intend to help in any way we can by suggesting how to have a First Communion party on a budget.

You'll need:

  • gift list
  • reuse or rent clothes
  • homemade invitations
  • homemade commemorative cards
  • meal with catering service
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Steps to follow:


The first tip to throw a First Communion party on a budget is to create a gift list. This is often used for weddings but in this case you should have a list for all those things that can save you some money. The most typical gift is for family members to give the child their attire for the day but you might even consider invitations or a photo album.


If in the end, nobody gets the clothes for the communion, you can always reuse an old outfit. Maybe a cousin, a brother, or even a friend has recently had their First Communion and can lend your theirs. It is always best to try to get things as well-adjusted as possible, to avoid having to make any arrangements. Of course, if there is someone especially skilled with scissors and a needle in the family, do not hesitate to ask them to make the clothes for the First Communion. If none of the above possibilities are feasible, an economical way to face the expense of clothes is to not buy them. In many cities there are shops where you can rent tailored clothes.


You can also save money on invitations. You can make communion invitations yourself or call the guests by phone. Try and see it as a good way to do something with your child, either as a craft or a decorated card. In addition, you can send them by email, so you save the cost of printing and sending them.

How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget - Step 3

Carrying on with elements made by the family, one of the major costs of a First Communion is the commemorative cards. If you do a search online, you will find many crafts that can be easily made at home to make the celebration more economical.


Finally, if you hold a meal, you can always try to rent a room and hire a caterer. This will be much more economical than hiring an entire First Communion service in a restaurant. In addition, depending on the number of guests, if you have space in your home, you could do it right there by hiring a catering service.

If you need to tighten the budget, ask each of the guests to bring one dish each and have a buffet-style meal.

How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget - Step 5

Make your own DIY decorations with natural flowers and recycled material and keep the kids entertained by creating some fun games or gymkhanas yourself.

Now you know how to throw a first communion party on a budget, you can also learn how to dress for a First Communion as a parent.

How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget - Step 6

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  • Anything you can do for yourself will help you to save money on the communion.
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How to Throw a First Communion Party on a Budget