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Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties

Teens are at a stage in which they love to have fun and behave a bit like adults, so parties are the perfect occasions to unleash all their energy. We know that alcohol is never a suitable option for minors, so when it comes to them celebrating something one of the first things that comes to mind is the question 'what can I serve them as drinks?' If you need a guide in OneHowTo.com we offer you some ideas on fun drinks for teenage parties that will appeal to everyone.

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  1. San Francisco, the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail
  2. Non-alcoholic mojitos
  3. Fruit daiquiri without liquor
  4. Fruit punches
  5. Soft drinks and juices
  6. And the food?

San Francisco, the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail

A San Francisco is a non alcoholic cocktail, it is ideal for teenage parties making them feel sophisticated with a drink that is fresh and delicious. Making it is very simple as you just need pineapple, orange and peach juice as well as grenadine syrup to give it that special touch.

You'll need to mix equal parts of the three juices in a cocktail shaker with some crushed ice, pour the the juices in the serving glass through the sieve so you can recover the ice and put it in the serving glass. Finally, add some grenadine syrup to taste. You can also decorate it with a slice of orange or by covering the rim of the glass with sugar previously if you like.

Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties - San Francisco, the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail

Non-alcoholic mojitos

Mojitos are certainly a very popular cocktail among adults, so if you want to succeed with your fun drinks for a teen party take no risk and prepare mojitos without alcohol.

They are prepared exactly the same way but skipping the white rum, but if there are adults at the party you can prepare some for them in the traditional way. It is a refreshing and delicious option for the teenagers and will surely delight all guests.

To make this drink, pour a teaspoon of brown sugar and squeeze some lime juice into the same container, cut half a lime and crush it in with a mortar. Add seven mint leaves, fill the glass with crushed ice and fill the glass with sprite and you're done!

Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties - Non-alcoholic mojitos

Fruit daiquiri without liquor

Strawberry, peach or whichever fruit you prefer, alcohol free daiquiris are a perfect alternative, especially for the girls who will feel elegant with this special drink.

Making a frozen peach daiquiri is very simple, but you must skip the share of white rum to make it suitable for teenagers to drink.

Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties - Fruit daiquiri without liquor

Fruit punches

Looking for simpler options for drinks for a teenage party? If you want something that you can prepare in one go then a fruit punch will be perfect. This fusion between a sangria and a San Francisco cocktail is very fresh and delicious and ideal for teenagers. You can make a large amount and serve it slowly or leave it on the table for your guests to serve themselves.

To make the fruit punch you'll need to blend one small mango, 4 spoonfuls of lime juice, 1 spoonful of brown sugar and 1 spoonful of fresh ground ginger until creamy. Then, add 300 ml of orange and pineapple juice, add some ground ice and decorate with pieces of mango, kiwi and orange inside.

Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties - Fruit punches

Soft drinks and juices

Also in the list of drinks for teen parties you can not forget the most simple and classic alternatives: the soft drinks and juices, which are perfect for young people who are not very fond of cocktails. These will offer some variety so everyone will have something to drink.

Is this teenage party around Christmas? Then at OneHowTo we offer some non-alcoholic drinks for a Christmas party too!

Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties - Soft drinks and juices

And the food?

In OneHowTo.com we not only help with the drinks, we also give you some ideas for party appetizers as the food is an important elements in any celebration. Find some delicious and easy to make options and wow your guests, discover:

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Fun Drinks For Teenage Parties