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How to Organise a Christening on a Budget

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Organise a Christening on a Budget

A christening is the first major event your child will star in. These celebrations can typically cost a large of amount of money, so we give you some tips to organise a christening on a budget in this OneHowTo article, for those times when saving money is key.

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  1. Limit your budget
  2. Invitations
  3. Clothes
  4. Guest list
  5. Christening party
  6. Keepsakes

Limit your budget

It is very important to set a budget before you start organising your child's christening. Calculate the money you can spend and from there, you can start to organise the celebration in terms of costs. This will prevent you spending more than necessary and you can adjust expenses according to your budget.

How to Organise a Christening on a Budget - Limit your budget


If you are someone who likes to send invitations for big celebrations, you do not have to give them up even if you have a limited budget. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create your own invitations without spending too much money.

How to Organise a Christening on a Budget - Invitations


Christening outfits are usually quite expensive, so a good idea for reducing the costs of a christening is to borrow the outfit from a relative or close friend who has already held one. You can also buy a stylish outfit that isn't as conventional, then you can use it another time to recover the costs.

How to Organise a Christening on a Budget - Clothes

Guest list

Remember that the more people you invite to the christening, the more money you'll have to spend. It is important to limit the guests invited to just close friends and family. Do not feel obliged to invite people. Remember that you can always meet the rest of your friends for coffee and tell them how the celebration was without the need to invite them.

Christening party

The christening party banquet is another one of the major expenses at christenings. If you want to invite your close friends for something to eat, you can opt for an afternoon tea, which is much cheaper than a meal. Another option if you enjoy cooking and have the space, such as a garden or a picnic area to hand is to prepare a meal yourself in the style of a finger buffet, or ask each guest to bring one of their culinary specialties. Take a look at our article on what food to serve at a christening for more information.

How to Organise a Christening on a Budget - Christening party


You don't need to spend much money when treating your guests to a nice memory of the christening. A good idea is to give them a small frame with a photo of your child that you can make yourself. If you enjoy baking, you can also make cookies with your toddler's initials or another detail relating to your little one.

How to Organise a Christening on a Budget - Keepsakes

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How to Organise a Christening on a Budget