How to Make Your own Confetti

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Your own Confetti

Confetti is not the most expensive part of a party's decoration but making it at home can make preparations more fun or even allow you to customize your party celebration a lot more. What's more, making confetti can be a last minute solution when you have forgotten to add it to your list. The process is very easy so we'll explain how to make your own confetti in to give your party a personal touch.

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Steps to follow:

The first step to make your own confetti is to get yourself some paper in various colors. The more colors you have, the more multicolored your confetti will be.


You can also use paper intended for recycling such as previously used sheets of paper or old newspapers and magazines. In the latter case, you'll also achieve many different shades.


Arm yourself with a lot of patience. When you ask yourself the reason why you decided to make handmade confetti, just think that it will be much more original and different from normal confetti.


Grab a hole punch. A hole punch is one of those items of office equipment or pieces of stationery that are quite common, which allow you to make holes in pages to be included in a folder.


You've probably always thrown away the remaining holes in the past, but now those holes will be the key to making your confetti. Instead of thinking about fitting pages into a file, make some holes and keep them. That way you will get confetti.


Bear in mind that some hole punches have more than two punch holes which will make the job faster. Models which have a single hole will not make many discs at the same time, but their ergonomic handles make them more comfortable.


How to Make Your own Confetti - Step 6

There are also hole punches with shapes available on the market which will turn your confetti into star or heart shapes and will make it even more original.


How to Make Your own Confetti - Step 7

Whilst you're making the confetti, collect it in some sort of bag or container. Avoid plastic bags, because it is possible that the small paper discs will adhere to the plastic.

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How to Make Your own Confetti
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How to Make Your own Confetti

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