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How To Have A Sustainable Christmas

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 6, 2022
How To Have A Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time to share next to our loved ones, but it's also the season of the year in which we spend the most. Malls are full of people looking for the perfect gift, houses around the whole World are lit with Christmas lights, food fills houses; that's why its a good moment to remember we can spend this festive season working to reduce our environmental impact. If you want to have a green Christmas and create an ecological conscience between your loved ones, we give you some ideas so you know how to have a sustainable Christmas.

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  1. Sustainable energy use
  2. Reducing waste material
  3. Wrapping paper
  4. Recycle more than ever
  5. Ideas to use in your house at Christmas

Sustainable energy use

Our Christmas tree, fairy lights, garden lights and other ornaments used to decorate and use electricity make our electricity bills reach sky levels during this season. Always disconnect all your lights and decorations when you're not home, do the same when you go to bed, as they'll consume more energy than necessary during night time.

It's also very useful to choose LED lights, as they consume less and are more sustainable.

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas - Sustainable energy use

Reducing waste material

It's no secret, during Christmas we get rid of double the daily amount of waste material than usual, between shopping bags, wrapping paper, Christmas ribbon and packages from presents accumulate mountains and mountains of waste, but this problem has simple solutions.

To have a sustainable Christmas you should bring an ecological bag when doing your Christmas shopping, those used at the supermarket, to avoid carrying a load of bags that you'll throw away straight away.

The secret for a green Christmas is reusing. Save ribbons, wrapping paper and boxes for another occasion, don't break them up directly.

You should also avoid excessive consumption and you'll help the environment more than you think.

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas - Reducing waste material

Wrapping paper

If you love making hand crafts and you're really into a green sustainable lifestyle, you can wrap your presents with newspaper or magazines, use brown string instead of lace and make a creative name tag using old Christmas cards. You can also purchase recycled wrapping paper to wrap your presents, this way you'll know the manufacturing process was respectful with the environment. Think simple, you'll save up lots of money and help the environment highly.

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas - Wrapping paper

Recycle more than ever

We know that social gatherings increase during this time of year, food consumption and alcohol increase too, this is why it's more important than ever to separate waste that can be recycled from those that can't. Encourage family, friends and guests to take part in the process, believe it or not, you're taking a big step to make a difference.

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas - Recycle more than ever

Ideas to use in your house at Christmas

If you want to show off your green Christmas with visits, you can make your Christmas decorations with waste material.

For example, you can make a Christmas tree with waste material such as plastic bottles. Another idea is to make your own napkin holders, create a Christmas dinner centerpiece with things you have at home or create amazing Christmas decorations that you can discover in our article How to use recycled things to decorate at Christmas.

We hope you have a merry and sustainable Christmas!

How To Have A Sustainable Christmas - Ideas to use in your house at Christmas

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  • Make your eco-friendly sense even stronger this Christmas by and you'll help reduce environmental impact.
  • These tips are simple measures that can be applied at home, take advantage and show your family the importance of caring for our planet.
  • Don't buy food in excess that you know you will end up throwing away. Make sure you eat all your leftovers during the next days if you have any.
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How To Have A Sustainable Christmas