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How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 11, 2022
How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table

If you want to surprise your partner for that special occasion, decorating a table for a romantic dinner can be the perfect gesture. You can decorate the table for a cosy, romantic and memorable evening. Here at, we want to make your life easier and have therefore come up with some top tips to decorate a romantic dinner table for a special night in with your partner.

You'll need:

  • tablecloth
  • Candles
  • A menu that your partner will love
  • A selection of wine
  • Cutlery
  • Glassware
  • Champagne
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Steps to follow:


For a romantic dinner table, try to involve the five senses when laying the table.


The first step is to choose an appropriate tablecloth. Use one that you think your partner will like, or buy a new one for the occasion. If you like you can also get nice table mats for a more sophisticated look.

Choose romantic colors such as red, black, cream or light pink, but remember that the tablecloth or mat should match or create contrast with the rest of the items on the table (plates, napkin, candles ...).

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 2

The lighting is very important. Avoid harsh lighting, use a dimmer if you have one or place a candle on the table. Candles will create a romantic atmosphere. Just make sure they are not too high as this would prevent you and your partner from seeing each other from each side of the table.

If you want to give it a personal touch, you can even make your own candles with crayons or create a candle holder too!

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 3

Prepare an excellent three-course dinner, with wine to complement each dish. Remember to plan well so that everything goes smoothly. Make sure that each meal goes well with the previous course and the wine. Think of a menu that will please your partner to make sure the evening is a success.

If you need some inspiration at OneHowTo we give you some ideas:


Main course:


You can also prepare a wine and food pairing if you're into it!

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 4

Do not forget other important details. Dig out the finest china you can find in the house. Just because you've spent years together doesn't mean that you should stop treating your partner with lovely gestures such as this one. He/she will be so grateful!

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 5

Finally, prepare a centerpiece for the table. You can buy one or even make one yourself. How about placing a vase of beautiful roses. You can even scatter rose petals on the table too.

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 6

Another little detail that will make your partner swoon, is to spray a little of their favorite perfume or aftershave in the air. Don't overdo it, or the smell will interfere with the taste of your food!

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 7

By the end of dinner, do not forget to have a bottle of champagne at the ready to enjoy with dessert or some strawberries.

How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table - Step 8

If you want to turn this romantic dinner into something more, you can move things to the next bedroom and let the magic continue. At OneHowTo we show you how to decorate a room for a romantic night.

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  • If you could get somebody to serve you the meals for the evening, then great!
  • If you are struggling with cooking and planning a menu, book a caterer.
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How To Decorate A Romantic Dinner Table