How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding

By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 22, 2022
How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding

A dessert table is a must for any wedding, it holds the cake and all kinds of sweets to be eaten for dessert after lunch or dinner. So knowing how to choose what will go on this table and picking a decorative style for it is very important. A wedding is obviously a very important occasion and not just anything will do, so at oneHOWTO we have some suggestions for you on how to make a dessert table for a wedding to make it beautiful and delicious.

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Decorate the wedding's dessert table

The dessert table often contains one of the most important elements of any wedding: the wedding cake. So everything around it should match the style and decoration of the cake. There are couples who prefer to bring out the cake when it's time to cut it, but whenever you choose to present it, the dessert table must respect the decorative style of your celebration and never be isolated. It should be located in a suitable place in the area where you are celebrating. It should be visible to the guests but not be in a place where anyone can trip over it. Take a look at these tips to decorate and arrange your dessert table:

Dessert table style

When making sure your dessert table follows the theme you have chosen, make sure that any dessert is not out of tune in either color scheme or style. Moreover, adding figurines, flower petals, candles and other non-edible decor around the table is also an amazing idea to complete the theme. If you are using tags or signs for each dessert with the name and content of each dessert, though the coolest and most fashionable idea is to use a blackboard, make sure it doesn't stand out from the rest of the dessert table.

Dessert table arrangement

Remember the wedding cake should be the center of attention, so place the cake in the middle and use a pedestal if necessary so it stands out. The rest of the desserts should revolve around it and, if using pedestal for the rest of the desserts, make sure they are not as high as the wedding cake.

Choosing the desserts

Besides the cake, choose the rest of the sweets that you want on the table. Keeping the variety of tastes and flours in mind is very important, remember that many guests do not eat cake but want to enjoy something sweet after the meal. Here are some fabulous suggestions you can try to make a delicious dessert table.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Decorate the wedding's dessert table

Chocolate sweets

A classic in most wedding dessert tables are chocolate sweets, which are ideal for guests who are not a fan of tarts, cakes or other desserts, but that can't say no to a rich piece of chocolate.

If you have baking skills, you can make them yourself and surprise all the guests, though not easy, the result will be delectable. In our article on how to make chocolate bonbons awe explain step by step how to make these delicious treats.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Chocolate sweets


Cupcakes are unquestionably the most fashionable dessert lately. Their versatility for decorations, especially in terms of icing, means you can play with them and adapt them to the style of your dessert table. Ideally you can make mini cupcakes for all the guests to try, so do not be afraid to experiment with colors to give your table a delicious sweet and stylish look.

Looking for ideas? Then do not miss our articles where we explain:

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Cupcakes

Chocolate fountain with fruits

A chocolate fountain is the most delicious way to introduce two elements that go together well on a dessert table: chocolate and fruit. Add options such as small pieces of strawberries, kiwis or bananas, as they will delight all the guests.

Try to keep the fountain on one end of the table so guests can enjoy it without preventing others from passing on to the other dessert options.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Chocolate fountain with fruits

Mini fruit tarts

Mini fruit tarts are typical in many wedding dessert tables as they are ideal as an alternative to chocolate desserts. You can make them with strawberries, other berries, kiwis, peaches or a selection of all of these, because the more options the better!

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Mini fruit tarts


Macarons or macaroons are delicious no matter how you pronounce it! This traditional French biscuit is increasingly popular, making it the perfect choice to fill your dessert table with colour and attract the younger guests who love the way they taste. This dessert is appropriate as it is a more elegant version of biscuits, ideal for a special occasion like this.

How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Macarons

Other desserts for a wedding dessert table

As you may have noticed, just about any dessert is welcome on the wedding dessert table and can be adapted to the style of the celebration by offering varied and delicious alternatives. Besides the desserts mentioned above, you can also include:

  • Mini cakes, a smaller version of the wedding cake or a completely different kind of cake.
  • Assorted fruit.
  • Biscuits appropriately decorated for the occasion.
  • Desserts like tiramisu, strawberries with cream or rhubarb served in glasses is a chic alternative!
How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding - Other desserts for a wedding dessert table

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How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding
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How to Make a Dessert Table for a Wedding

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