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Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. February 9, 2022
Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash

Buying wedding gifts is usually seen as a way to set up the newly married couple for the life they hope to spend together. Having a wedding registry will help to ensure they don't receive 30 blenders instead of a more varied list of gifts. Others will suggest providing a monetary donation so they can use it towards anything they may need or like. When neither of these are in place, it can be tricky to choose the right gift for the couple. Some may want to provide a monetary donation anyway, others may want to give something a little more personal or memorable.

At oneHOWTO, we help you make the right decision with our article on the best gifts to give at a wedding instead of cash. We do this with our list of 10 ideas of gifts to give instead of money.

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  1. Something homemade
  2. A special meal
  3. A special event
  4. For foodies
  5. Their story in pictures
  6. Art
  7. Personalized objects with names or initials
  8. Experiences
  9. Fun learning courses
  10. Shared hobbies
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Something homemade

If you are think what wedding present to give instead of money, remember that the personal touch can go a long way. Any gift you have dedicated time, effort and love to will be special for the newlyweds. It is a wedding gift, so you'll want to make it something special. If you have a particular gift or artistic talent, then you can use this to create something memorable.

For example, if you are a notably good artist, then you can draw a portrait of the couple, frame it and present it. If you are a good baker, you can make them some special treats which can be packaged in an appropriately festive display. If you are good with textiles, making a tapestry or quilt which will last their lifetime can also make a priceless gift.

Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash - Something homemade

A special meal

There are different ways to give the gift of a meal. You can make them a breakfast or brunch the day after the wedding which takes all the pressure of organizing off of them. While this may be a great idea, it may cause more stress by giving them a schedule on their first day as a married couple. In this case, it may be better to choose a restaurant for them and arrange a dinner they can attend at their convenience. Somewhere romantic will be the best bet.

Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash - A special meal

A special event

While arranging and paying for an exclusive dinner will be a great event for the newlyweds to share, there are so many options to choose from. You can surprise them with tickets to a concert for their favorite artist, a sports event they will both enjoy, a musical or theater production or anything which they can enjoy together.

For foodies

There are endless possible wedding gifts you can get close friends, but choosing something which appeals to their personal taste is important. If your wedding party are foodies or gourmands, then making them a hamper with a range of special food and drink will be ideal. You can choose special versions of their favorite food, give them bottles of vintage wine or even surprise them with a wine tasting.

Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash - For foodies

Their story in pictures

Another original wedding gift to give instead of money could be a visual representation of their relationship up to that point. If you are a close friend, you are likely to have many photos and images of special moments you have all shared together. Make them an album with all of these images collected and placed together in a beautiful display. You can even add mementos such as tickets to shows you attended together or other memorabilia from your friendship.


You want to give a wedding present that isn't money? Something for the house that the newlyweds are going to share is always a good idea. Especially if they are moving in to a new place, providing some art for their walls can be a great way to both give them something they will enjoy and a reminder of your special friendship together. Make sure you gauge opinion of the work of art with other people who know them since taste is relative.

Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash - Art

Personalized objects with names or initials

Other original wedding gifts would be elegant crockery or glassware with their initials engraved. Personalized textiles such as towels or bed clothes could also work. These gifts combine the practical nature of wedding gifts with a very personal touch. You don't have to go down the practical route, however. You can choose almost anything physical you think they will enjoy and personalize it. Just don't go scratching their initials into the side of a hatchback.


With the clutter of everyday life and the disposability of our modern era, experiential gifts are becoming increasingly popular. They provide the couple with memories which can live on forever. Some classic experiential wedding presents include a balloon ride, a day out at a spa, a getaway at a country house or even something crazy like a day with a personal stylist.

Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash - Experiences

Fun learning courses

We don't mean you should give your friends or relatives the gift of homework. Choose something fun the couple can do together. This could be a pottery class, a race care driving course, ballroom dancing, piloting a plane, pretty much anything which will allow them to lean some skills in a fin way. Don't make it too much of a commitment, otherwise it may backfire. Also, ensure it is something both partners will enjoy.

Shared hobbies

If you know the couple well and you know what hobbies they share together, you can use this to choose a wedding gift ideas that are not money. For example, if they love to enjoy nature, you can buy them a brand new luxury two-person tent. If they love to play a certain sport, you can kit them out with some new equipment. Have a think what they enjoy doing and tailor your gift to this.

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Gifts to Give at a Wedding Instead of Cash