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The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 2, 2018
The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas

Are you planning a hen do for any of your friends? If so, you sure have a lot of fun ideas to celebrate this event, because a friend does not get married every day. The venue for the event, the guest list, activities, games, erotic gifts... Nothing can be forgotten! However, if you want to create a truly memorable night for the bride-to-be to remember for years to come, you should plan a fancy dress party.

For years and years, dressing up has been a way of casting aside any inhibitions and transforming into somebody else. Forget about political correctness and make the day unforgettable for the bride-to-be, giving her the chance to play at being somebody else. At oneHOWTO we love parties, so we offer some of the best hen night fancy dress ideas. They will leave the bride open-mouthed and you will create a great impression of yourself! Let's play dress up!

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  1. Hen party fancy dress: rules
  2. Hen Night Fancy Dress: the bride
  3. Hen Night Fancy Dress: in a group
  4. Hen Night Fancy Dress: Ideas

Hen party fancy dress: rules

First, the bride should be aware that she will be the center of attention for her last night out as a single lady, but it will be you and her other friends who make the rules. It's time to go crazy, have fun and let loose. Let your hair down and have a good laugh! To prevent her from feeling like a plonker dressed up by herself, join in! Open up the fancy dress box and find the most shameless or funny outfit. You'll all be in fits of giggles!

But not just any old fancy dress costume will do. You should take into account some requirements so that the outfits do not ruin the bride's big day. It's important that you take the bride's personality into account. It's important that the bride truly lets herself go, which is why it's important that she feels comfortable in the outfit she wears; only then can she let go of her inhibitions and have a rollicking good time.

If she is a girl who likes dressing up, think of a super outfit in which she'll feel in her element. If, on the contrary, she's easily embarrassed, the fancy dress should be a gradual process, i.e. start by giving her antennae and wings, a clown nose and a wig. Use simple items so that they get used to the idea.

The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas - Hen party fancy dress: rules

Hen Night Fancy Dress: the bride

Don't go overboard with the future bride, although the objective is to draw everyone's attention to the hen. Therefore, try to choose the outfit so that it is appropriate for the environment in which the hen do will take place. By this we mean that, if you go out to a nightclub, it's probably best to avoid big, bulky outfit such as a bear costume. For this environment, the bride will need something that allows her to move freely. How about a nun, butterfly, a mime artist or a doll costume?

As we said, you will have to take into account the personality of the bride. You could dress her as an angelic fairy whilst all of you girls dress as evil witches; or you could be cowgirls and her an Indian prisoner; or a policewoman and inmates... She should stand out from the rest of you.

For the boldest and most creative of brides, why not dress the bride as a cake, a fried egg, or some tasty dish? Select a perfect and mouth-watering menu for each of you - you'll be falling about in hysterical laughter! Don't forget about more classical ideas either, e.g. a hippie party, a Smurfette outfit, a kitten or a Hawaiian dress. Whatever you choose, make sure it creates an impact to make the hen do truly unforgettable. You'll have a fabulous time!

The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas - Hen Night Fancy Dress: the bride

Hen Night Fancy Dress: in a group

All dressed up! The funniest way of doing this is if you pick a theme and each of you partake. For example, the bride could be the queen ant and you the other ants; her as the rock queen and you her band members; or a hippie hen do. And why not dress her as a man? Something that's the complete opposite of who she is. Any of the above options are great for celebrating the end of your friend's bachelorhood. Play about!

On the other hand, you must consider the budget that you have for the costume. Buying a few accessories is not the same as planning an entire outfit. Have you considered making your own outfits? That would be cheaper. Some tutus, flower necklaces, tiaras with various antennas, bachelorette bands, wigs and sunglasses, whistles... anything goes!

The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas - Hen Night Fancy Dress: in a group

Hen Night Fancy Dress: Ideas

Try not to dress the bride overtly sexually or as a plain Jane. The best option is to go for something unusual so you can have a fun and memorable day. A flamenco dress, a Hawaiian dress for a beach party, a Geisha, African tribe or rock chick outfit. As you know, anything goes.

A great option is to find an idea and work around the idea, with each participant with a different outfit. For example, if the bride wears a flamenco dress, another could go as a matador, the other as a bull... Think polka dots, fans, art and flamenco. The ideas for original costumes are endless. What is yours?

The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas - Hen Night Fancy Dress: Ideas

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The Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Ideas