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How To Throw A Masquerade Ball

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Throw A Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls are fun and full of magic and not only for children but also for adults. Before, the only ones who held masquerade balls were people belonging to royalty or the aristocracy, but today we can all enjoy the magic and charm of these festivals where we hide our identity. The mystery and the unknown are the soul of these celebrations. Would you like to feel like royalty for a few hours? On OneHowTo we explain how to throw a masquerade ball.

  1. Choose the theme of the Masquerade ball
  2. Decoration
  3. Main course lunch
  4. Don't forget about the music!
  5. Some entertainment

Choose the theme of the Masquerade ball

Before you start planning your masquerade ball, it is important that you are clear about the theme of the party. It depends entirely on your taste.

You could have a typical Masquerade party with elegant masks for New Year, with reds and whites for Christmas, with a loving touch for Valentine's Day or use terrifying and sinister decorations for Halloween.

Another way to choose the theme of your party may by focusing on a time period and asking your guests to wear Victorian dress, 20s or even gangsters from the 30. There are plenty of ideas to be had!

How To Throw A Masquerade Ball - Choose the theme of the Masquerade ball


A masquerade ball is a mysterious event, so the decoration often includes soft colors that make this event even more intriguing. Black is, usually the most popular color for decorations, but you can play about with other colors and adapt them to the theme you have chosen. Use secondary colors like gold, red, green, purple and silver.

One idea is to use metallic confetti and put glitter on the tables. And you cannot forget objects like lights and lighted candles that illuminate the room and, at the same time, give it a more festive air.

Think decadent and mystery for your decorations and you'll score high!

How To Throw A Masquerade Ball - Decoration

Main course lunch

The budget you intend to spend depends very much on your finances and available space that you have. A table with a simple buffet of varied cheeses, meats and fruit is the cheapest option and never fails to impress. Don't forget the classic punch bowl too!

However, if your intention is to prepare a big fancy party, you can hire a caterer if your bank account allows it or rent a space such as a hotel.

How To Throw A Masquerade Ball - Main course lunch

Don't forget about the music!

A party is not a party if there's no music and dancing.

Live music is one of the best options for this type of event, with a traditional band, a string quartet or a DJ.

But if you plan to do it at home or in a small space like a terrace, it is fine to use a sound system to play the right music according to the theme of the party, such as classical or baroque music for a Victorian festival, jazz for event decade of the 20s, carols for more holidays, etc.

How To Throw A Masquerade Ball - Don't forget about the music!

Some entertainment

Music can be used to create an atmosphere, but masquerades are always accompanied by some kind of entertainment such as poker games and dance competitions, among others.

Something that is often quite popular is to give each guest a number and try to find out who is behind the mask. They must do so within a given time limit and the results are saved at the end of the party then the guests reveal their real identity. There may be a small prize for each successful guess.

How To Throw A Masquerade Ball - Some entertainment

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How To Throw A Masquerade Ball