Why Do We Carry Lanterns During Mid Autumn Festival

Why Do We Carry Lanterns During Mid Autumn Festival
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Almost every country has a harvest festival, and China is no exception. Mid Autumn Festival is China’s Thanksgiving celebration. The festival is held on the 15th day of 8th Chinese Han Calendar month, and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. There are several customs associated with the celebration of this festival, one of which is carrying lanterns. Here are OneHowTo.com, we will discuss about why do we carry lanterns during Mid Autumn Festival.

The custom Chinese people follow

For Mid Autumn Festival celebration, Chinese children make colorful lanterns on their own, and carry them all around to show them off to their friends and other acquaintances. If they can’t make them, parents buy readymade lanterns for them, which they carry around with enthusiasm. These lanterns can be of different sizes and shapes, and are left to float on the river waters. People stay by the riverside until the lights of the lantern disappears. Sometimes, Kongming lanterns are made, which may fly due to heated air inside them.

Tradition of wish making lanterns

Flying lanterns are allowed to float in the air just like a hot air balloon. People either make them at home, or buy readymade ones from the market. It is tradition to make a wish for the coming year, and let the lantern float in the air. The longer the lantern stays afloat, the better your chances are to get the wish fulfilled. Some lanterns may be round, tall, short or square, while others may be in the shape of rabbits, pumpkins or other animals.

At OneHowto we show you how to make flying wishing lanterns.

Riddle solving lanterns

Riddle solving lanterns are another highlight of the mid-autumn festival in China. People make lanterns with some kinds of riddle on them. The person who solves the riddle first is rewarded, a tradition that adds a joyful aspect to the festival. The theme can be anything from dinosaurs, sharks and tigers to dolphins and pandas.

Celebrating Mid Autumn festival

As the Chinese land is full of bright and colorful lanterns, it becomes an amazing sight for all to get engulfed in.

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