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What To Get My In-laws for Christmas

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 5, 2018
What To Get My In-laws for Christmas

Buying Christmas presents for anyone can be difficult. You want to get the right thing for the right person and this can involve deep thought and reflection. However, when buying for your in-laws, there is an added element of concern. These people birthed and raised your significant other and you want to both respect and impress them with your gift giving. If they are recent in-laws, this is even trickier because you won't have had the time to get to know them properly. That's where oneHOWTO comes in. We're going to help you decide what to get your in-laws for Christmas so you can thank them for adding to your own happiness and hopefully provide a little more of their own.

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Strike a balance

To decide what to get for your in-laws Christmas present, you will need to make a few considerations. We'll get you thinking of some of the general ideas for appropriate and/or bespoke gifts you can buy to make the right impression. Hopefully these will inspire you to come up with your own ideas. If you're still stumped, we'll also give you some specific ideas you might want to choose.

Finding the right present for your in-laws can be tricky because, whether you like it or not, there is meaning behind these gifts. If you buy any old tat from the bargain bin at 5pm on Christmas Eve, it's likely going to show you are either are unthoughtful or, worse, uncaring. At the same time, if you get them something too extravagant, then they might think you are trying too hard.

A lot of what you buy will depend on the relationship both you and your partner have with their parents. Unfortunately, too many families have strained relationships between parents and children. The first consideration you need to make is whether to buy them something at all. This means a discussion with your partner. The best way to choose what to buy your in-laws for Christmas is to ask them for advice. They should know their own parents best. However, maybe you want to surprise both of them with the perfect gift, so we have some practical tips to reach the right decision.

What are your in-laws into?

As we said, the better you know your partner's parents, the easier it will be to choose the right gift for them. Unfortunately, the excitement kids have at almost anything they get as a present wanes with age. Older people, whether seniors or young at heart, often appreciate Christmas for other reasons: spending time with family, time off work, drinking, etc. They also have their own disposable income and usually buy themselves the things they want and/or need when they feel like it.

Still, getting to know your in-laws is the best way to work out what to get them for a present. If they have hobbies or interests, then get them something related to that. If they like golf or opera, you can get them a new club or ticket to a new show.

However, you can't just get the first thing at hand. If they are into music, you might get them an LP they already have. Or, if they are into sport, you might get them merchandise of a team they don't really care for. Do some research, ask the right questions and see if you can get them to reveal something they are interested in. Even if you don't get it quite right, your in-laws should appreciate it you being thoughtful.

What To Get My In-laws for Christmas -

Make something boring special

Some in-laws just don't seem to be into anything in particular. Even a thoughtful gift doesn't impress some. It's not that your in-laws are being rude, they might just have simple tastes. If this is the case, then why not make a simple thing gift worthy?

Many people see buying socks as a gift with no imagination, but who doesn't actually love socks? Putting on the right pair of socks in the morning can be the kind of start to a day you need. Maybe it's not something kids will appreciate very much, but older people know where it's at. If you want to make a boring gift special, why not get some personalized socks made?

Other personalized gifts like a leather wallet with their initials, stationery or glassware can be a way to make them know you have at least put some thought into it.

What To Get My In-laws for Christmas -

Make your Christmas present Christmassy

Since 'tis the season, why not get them something which is classically Christmas. In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the owner of Duncan's toy store gives Macaulay Culkin a Christmas tree ornament with two turtle doves. It has a sweet meaning and it's a nice little trinket which won't take up too much space. Plus Christmas tree decorations can be used every year, so it's a good way to keep you in their minds every holiday season.

Other classics include Christmas sweaters, Santa Claus decorations or even something which won't be around next year like a Christmas pudding. The gesture is sweet and should be appreciated.

What To Get My In-laws for Christmas -

Homemade is the ultimate in personal present

We said before that you could buy something Christmassy like a Christmas pudding or a Christmas jumper. If you were to make these gifts yourself, then you could get massive brownies points. It shows that you not only are happy to go the extra mile, but that you have the ability too. Of course, it you can't knit or cook, this might be a problem. It is likely there is something you can do, so thin about what skills you have and how you can fashion the perfect Christmas present out of it.

If you do want to go the homemade route, however, you can't do a shoddy job. You have to make sure what you make is up to standard. If you think you can knit, but end up making a jumper which looks more like a melted Mallomar than a snowman, maybe skip it. If you give your in-laws a present which is homemade, but terrible, they might think you are thoughtful, but they might also think you're inept.

What To Get My In-laws for Christmas -

Make it topical

You may not know your in-laws very well or have the opportunity to get to know them. This is especially the case if you and your partner live far away. If this is so, you might want to get something which is topical or current. This could be something which is in the news or a recent fad, like a fancy fidget spinner (although this will probably be a gag gift).

There are also popular entertainment or television topics which are trending. This could be a cookbook, record or even movie which will at least seem like you are getting them something relevant. Just check with your partner to make sure it is something they might be into.

If your in-laws are seniors, then maybe you want to go the opposite way. You can get them something which reminds them of the good ole days. This could be anything from a letterman jacket to a ticket to a show by their favorite band (if they're still around).

Memories for Christmas

When you get older, you usually end up having too much stuff. You have spent a lifetime collecting things and receiving gifts, you may not want to throw more onto the pile. This is why experience gifts can be a great idea for an in-law's Christmas present.

We have already mentioned opera or music tickets, but you could provide lots of different memorable experiences. If they are into sport, tickets to see their favorite team is a great idea. If they have a busy schedule, then a relaxing spa day could be just the ticket (or the coupon).

It might be a little bit risky, but if there is something there are interested in, you could always get them a seminar or class. It is a common myth that you get less interested when you get older. Most people still love to learn and find it really valuable. Even something like a cooking class can be a great idea. However, don't get your in-law a cooking tutorial if they already this they are world class. You might end up offending them.

What To Get My In-laws for Christmas -

Some more ideas on Christmas presents for your in-laws

Prosecco related gifts

In 2016 there was a Prosecco shortage in the UK which threatened to ruin Christmas[1]. OK, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it does go to show how popular the sparkly bubbles are. The gift world has caught on and you can now buy Prosecco related presents such as Prosecco candles, Prosecco soap or even Prosecco lip balm. While these are great gifts, you could always just go for a bottle of Prosecco (if your in-laws like a tipple).

Bespoke chess set

If your in-laws are into games, chess is the game for champions. You might get one which is related to something they love like Game of Thrones or their favorite team. If you have the skill, you could combine this with a homemade present and make the pieces yourself.

Cashmere scarves

Can never go wrong with something beautiful and soft. Comfort and style will never go out of fashion.

Remember, if all these ideas fall short, you can always just get them a gift certificate.

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