Christmas presents for girlfriends

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas

Christmas arrives: a period for gathering with family and friends, but also a period where shopping and gifts occupy much of our thoughts and time. This is because we want to get the perfect gift for the girl we love. This is not an easy task but we need to stay focused and not lose track; there are many clues to ensure we get just the right item and make it a memorable gift. Ready? Here we give you some good advice so you know what to get your girlfriend for Christmas.

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Steps to follow:


The first step is important and not to be forgotten: listen to her. You may not have noticed and it may well sound like a cliché but humans, and especially women, constantly say what they want for the future. Whether or not in code, this will include gifts. Near her birthday or Christmas you may notice that perhaps she begins to communicate more about what she needs or wants. Listening to this is important to get the perfect gift.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 1

Be observant. If you don't know what to get your girlfriend for Christmas, do not buy something that you have never seen her before. If she never uses high heeled shoes and has never told you that she wants some, why would buy her a pair?. Pay attention to the things she likes, in her style, in how she dresses, in the music she listens to and the books she reads; the key to a good gift is, in part, a matter of observation.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 2

Do not fall into common traps like 'all women like jewels' or 'who would not like to be given a perfume?' Point one: not all women love jewelry. If your girlfriend does love jewelry and you have the money to pamper her then you may have a good gift option there. Point two: regarding perfume, unless she has said she wants something specific or that her favorite bottle has run out you should discard this option. The scent that you like may not be what she would wear. Choosing a perfume is personal and so becomes a risky gift.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 3

Move her, there is nothing like a gift that can reach out to our emotions. To give something she may need or want is always wonderful, but to give something that makes us feel like we really know someone and have listened to them is priceless. For example: to find the first edition of her favorite book, put together a selection of her favorite childhood movies or take a trip to somewhere your girlfriend always wanted to go are details that really touch people. Maybe you can use such items or gestures to complement another gift. Such details make the difference.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 4

Not everything has to do with money, so do not use that as an excuse. Of course, a valuable jewel or a holiday are gifts for those with greater purchase power; you can do a lot on little cash, the key is to listen, be creative and think in details.

A great inexpensive gift is something hand-made. She will really appreciate the effort and surely she'll be very happy with it.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 5

Forget these ideas:

  • Giving her a gift voucher: There is nothing worse than feeling that your boyfriend was satisfied with 'this will do' attitude.
  • Take her to dinner as a gift: This is something you can do at any point through the year, no matter how luxurious the restaurant is. It simply will not do.
  • Tell her you did not have time to buy anything and that you soon will and then take her to choose her own gift. This is a terrible idea and the message you'll be sending your girlfriend is that you don't have time to think about a present that would suit her.

All these are terrible ideas, if you love her you need to show it.

What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas - Step 6

Ultimately, and only if you are really lost, go to someone who knows her well and ask for advice; but in theory this should not be necessary since you, her partner, already know her so well... right?. Giving her a good gift is easier than you think. Follow these tips and you will be successful.

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  • Plan and think about her gift, do not leave it to the last minute and end up buying something that will simply get you by.
  • Think calmly about what she likes and you will surely find something that you think she will love, needs or simply is complimentary to her.
  • Do not see it as something stressful or difficult, it is a gift for someone you love and you should enjoy the process of buying something that will make her happy
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What To Get My Girlfriend For Christmas