What to Fill a Christmas Stocking With

What to Fill a Christmas Stocking With
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Part of celebrating Christmas includes filling the stockings of your loved ones with gifts and hanging them on the mantle. Filling stockings can be a lot of fun, but it can also be difficult to try and find good "stocking fillers" for all your family. But don't fear, OneHowTo is here to give you a few ideas about what to fill a Christmas stocking with.

Little things for the little ones

Remember, you don't have to go bankrupt to make your loved ones happy this Christmas. There are plenty of original stocking filler gift ideas that won't cost the earth, but you might have to think and look a little bit harder.

If you have a lot of children to buy Christmas gifts for, they will love to open their stockings to see some little gifts such as coloring books with colored pencils or crayons, dolls or little teddy bears, theme park tickets, or even candies. Most children love candy, so it's always a good go to for stocking stuffing, but remember to mix it up and try to include some things with an educational value. If you're planning Christmas on a budget, how about making your own Christmas gifts? Take a look at our article 8 original homemade Christmas gift ideas for more!

But remember: make sure you hide the gifts well until the big day!

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Gifts for everyone in your family

It's not just children that love receiving gifts on Christmas morning. Adults as well as children love to have a full stocking on Christmas morning. If you have no idea what to fill a stocking with when it comes to your spouse, how about getting a luxury item like an iPod, or a new iPhone, and then fill it with spa gifts like bath scrubs or bubble baths, essential oils are always good for relaxation, and candles are also a great stocking filler. This is a great idea if you're spending Christmas as a couple too, as it's the little things that will make your Christmas special.

Think Thoughtful and Useful

You should aim for a mixture of useful little gadgets as well as some more luxurious gifts that show you want to spoil your loved ones. Remember items like movie tickets, DVDs, gift cards for a massage, jewelry, kitchen items, household decor, picture frames, scarves, gloves, and winter gear are always nice to put into a stocking.

Once you have the perfect stocking fillers in everyone's stocking, your whole family will be very excited about coming downstairs on Christmas morning!

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Other stocking fillers

If you have a lot of men in your family that you need to buy gifts for, consider stuffing their stockings with golf balls, golf tees, sports memorabilia, money, socks, gloves, cell phone accessories, a tablet, or even cologne or after shave.

Sharing is Caring!

This Christmas, be sure that everyone on your list has something they like. It's easy to impress with little gifts in their stockings. They will be truly excited to receive these little gifts before they even open the bigger ones!

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Small games

Another idea if you don't know what to fill your stocking with and that is great for all members of the family is to get travel versions of games such as monopoly. When thinking small, you can also choose original card games such as UNO or even go for mind games and brainteasers such as the most famous Rubik cube.

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