What Food To Serve At A Christening

What Food To Serve At A Christening
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A christening is a very special occasion and many families hold a little celebration after the ceremony. The menu options are as varied as the celebration itself. For example, the type of menu differs depending on the time of the event (daytime/evening); the number of guests attending, as well as how formal or informal it is. To help you decide what food to serve at a christening, we've compiled a list of ideas in this OneHowTo article.

A restaurant

The most common choice is to choose a restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes. You could start with a few aperitifs and then choose from a set menu with a starter, a main and dessert. This means you won't get any surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

When will the christening be held? At what time of year?

A spring or summer christening gives you the option of having an outdoor celebration. For a morning christening, you could organize a delicious brunch or lunch. If it's an evening affair, how about arranging a swanky dinner?

A tasty buffet

If you'd prefer something a little less fussy and make your money stretch further, how about a buffet with a selection of cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, salads, dried fruit and nuts? A buffet is a great way of catering for everyone's tastes and sticking to your budget. Alongside the savory options, you could lay out a delectable array of desserts, including cupcakes, bonbons and colorful candy to satisfy the younger guests.

Holding the celebration at home: a more personal and budget-friendly option

To avoid toiling in the kitchen, we suggest hiring a caterer. They offer a wide variety of different options so select carefully and choose the most suitable menu for your guests. If you have a spacious garden or outdoor space, you could go to town with the decoration and throw a lavish cocktail or dinner party. This will give the occasion a personal touch and make your guests feel more at home. It is also a cheaper option than going to a restaurant.

The cake: the big surprise

Surprise your guests with an impressive cake. There are so many ways of decorating a cake nowadays - from covering it in chocolates or sweets, to writing a personalized message in icing or even printing a photo of the baby/child on top. Leave your guests in awe with a truly splendorous cake! These are the little details that make for a unforgettably special celebration.

Make sure the children are entertained throughout the celebration

If there will be a lot of children attending the do, it's worth considering hiring a clown or magician to keep them occupied. Pass the Parcel or piñatas are other options to keep the little ones entertained.

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