What Finger Food to Serve at a Summer Party

What Finger Food to Serve at a Summer Party
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When summer comes, any occasion for a little get together with friends is welcomed. Terraces, gardens, beaches and swimming pools are all great places to plan a summer party. But for a successful summer party you need to think carefully about easy finger food ideas. Easy summer party finger food ideas are the key to an enjoyiable get together. Go for quick, refreshing recipes, and some summer fruit, which your guests will surely appreciate in a hot summer day. If you're not sure what summer party finger food ideas to use for your event, this OneHowTo article will give you an inspiration on What Finger Food to Serve at a Summer Party.

Steps to follow:

The key to a successful summer party is opting for easy finger food recipes that don´t take too long to prepare. Summer parties are all about having fun and relaxing: you are not supposed to spend the all day in the kitchen.


One of the most refreshing, delicious, easy finger food ideas for a successful summer party is the Caprese skewer. All you need are cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

Take some wooden skewers, and insert each one of them in a piece of mozzarella, a basil leave, and a cherry tomato. Once you've got a tray ready, add some salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Can you think of any easier summer party food?!


Another one of the easiest summer party finger food ideas is the tray of salmon rolls filled with cream cheese and chives.

Because the salmon used in this recipe is smoked, it doesn´t go bad in the heat, but believe me, this summer party food won't last very long anyway!

All you need to do to prepare this easy finger food is mix the cream cheese with some finely chopped chives, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of oregano.

Cut several slices of smoked salmon into the size you want (it's best to cut them in half), fill them with the cream cheese mixture, and roll it up. Use a toothpick to help the rolls keeping their round shape while sitting in the fridge. This delicious easy finger food will surely help you towards a successful summer party.


Most people associate summer party food with the beach, and of course with seafood. If you want to prepare a sea inspired recipe that is quick and delicious, you could make the most popular finger food ever: prawn cocktails. Sounds hard, right? Well, this summer party food recipe won't take you more than 20 minutes. Find out how to make this easy finger food in this step-by-step article.


When it comes to easy finger food, cheese cannot miss from any party table. It surely cannot miss from your table if you want to throw a successful summer party. Whether you prepare a cheese board or a tray with little cheese cubes to be eaten with a stick, it's one of those classic summer party finger food ideas that cannot go wrong, and is also incredibly quick to prepare.

Offer a selection of at least three different types, and always serve them on a tray accompanied by bread or bread sticks. Make sure your super easy summer party food is nicely presented.


For different and original finger food ideas, opt for the Spanish style olives and anchovies mini skewers, they are an easy summer party food that will surely impress your guests.

Insert an olive in a mini skewer, then add an anchovy, folded in half, and then another olive. You can also use sardines instead of anchovies. A cheap and easy recipe for your successful summer party.


To make your summer party food a bit more exotic, why not go for a bruschetta with avocado jam. You only need to slice and toast some bread, and you can follow our avocado jam recipe. It is one of those refreshing and easy finger food ideas your guests are bound to love.


We gave you a few finger food ideas for your party; practical, easy summer party food and, above all, delicious. If you follow our tips you will surely throw a successful summer party without having to spend hours in the kitchen. So, enjoy your amazing summer party!

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