Unusual Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Unusual Handmade Christmas Ornaments

During the winter season the temperatures tend to drop dramatically, the roads will end up filled up with snow and the days will surely be shorter. It is the perfect cocktail to want to spend more time at home. On those days when you can’t go outside you can still get into the holiday spirit by making handmade Christmas DIYs. Decorating the tree is a favorite Christmas activity and you can make it even more exciting by creating unique Christmas ornaments with your friends and family. It is a fun activity that children will love.

In this OneHowTo article we share a few ideas for unusual handmade Christmas ornaments.

Craft stick ornaments

During the winter you may not be craving ice cream unless you're living in the Southern hemisphere; but you can recycle popsicle craft sticks that you may still find lying around to make handmade Christmas ornaments. With some markers or paint you can draw on these sticks animals such as a penguin, a reindeer, a snowman, a bear and even Santa Claus. You may follow the steps of other creative people and use some additional fabric or stickers to create cute details.

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Bottle cap snowmen

There are many people who use bottle caps to make original jewelry pieces , make candles or use them to accessorize pieces of clothing. You can also use leftover bottle caps to make Christmas ornaments as other people have shared. Line three bottle caps with the colorful side down over a piece of lace. Stick them to the lace so that they hang down vertically and make a knot at the top. Now you can draw a face on the white side of the bottle cap to make a snowman. Feel free to make other types of Christmas characters.

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Peanut shell reindeer

On the web you may find amazing handmade Christmas ornaments that will make you want to start making your own very quickly. One that is highly original is the idea to use peanut shells as reindeer faces. The elongated structure looks very similar to the shape of a reindeer head. So by painting a pair of eyes, a red nose and then adding two small antlers you can take a peanut shell to a whole new level.

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Fruit ornaments

Candles are one of the highest selling items during the holidays. Not only they light up a space; but when burned they emit a highly pleasant aroma. A natural way to aromatize your living room is by using citric foods to make Christmas ornaments. Some people cut a few slices of oranges or lemons and tie them around some cinnamon sticks before hanging them on the tree. Alternatively, you may opt for just using the fruits for aesthetic appeal. Use some paint and stick some colorful small pebbles or stones to your fruits and you will have truly unique ornaments for your tree. Take a look at the meaning of Christmas ornaments if you'd like to know why we use them on the Christmas tree.

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Family photo ornaments

One of the best ways to customize your Christmas tree is by having the faces of your family and friends become part of your decorations. Ornaments are traditionally associated with Christmas and you may want to start this tradition with your family. You can start by cutting out some colorful cardboard in different shapes, such as stars, circles, squares or triangles. Then stick a photograph on each piece and hang them on your tree.

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