The Best Ideas for a Crystal Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The Best Ideas for a Crystal Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 15 years of marriage isn't an everyday occurrence, which is why you should go all out and celebrate with your nearest and dearest. Don't miss our suggestions for an unforgettable crystal wedding anniversary. Celebrate it in style worthy of the occasion, with ideas which cater to all budgets. Here at oneHOWTO, we provide some of the best ideas for a crystal wedding anniversary celebration.

Steps to follow:

A crystal wedding anniversary is similar to the silver wedding anniversary. In other words, there's no shortage of gifts for either of these two events. Jewelry, watches, a weekend getaway, a relaxing visit to a spa and countless other gifts for all types of couples.


For the most demanding of gourmets, a good idea is to celebrate a crystal wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant. As a finishing touch, don't forget to complement the meal with a show like the theater, opera, a musical...The occasion demands it!


There are other couples who would prefer to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary in the company of close friends or relatives. Everyone knows that when it comes to taste, there is no set formula. A family lunch or dinner, a good dance and traditional toast with a speech included. Want more suggestions which will also help you celebrate an anniversary without splashing the cash? Take a look at the following tips:

  • Celebrate your crystal wedding anniversary at home and ask each person invited to make finger food.
  • Decorate tables with recycled materials such as mason jars with a nice ribbon to put in some fresh flowers, make DIY centerpieces etc...
  • Have a friend officiate your wedding vow renewal, it will make it more fun and personal.

For those who love all things creative, a good way to celebrate a crystal wedding anniversary is to make the gift with your very own hands. A compilation CD with your favorite songs, a photo collage featuring your favorite moments, a personalized calendar with pictures that summarize your 15 years of marriage.


If you love the culinary arts and your partner loves desserts, here at OneHowTo we have the best idea to celebrate crystal wedding anniversaries: prepare a tart, some sweets or a cake. Of course, do not forget to personalise your dessert with decorations or some special message.


Don't like traditional celebrations and want to try something different? For the more daring of couples, nothing beats celebrating 15 years of marriage with adventure sports or with unique experiences such as paragliding, hot air ballooning or bungee jumping.


Hopeless romantics can celebrate their crystal wedding anniversary with something more traditional such as renewing their vows. This is a second opportunity to show our partner all our love.


Like our ideas? Don't forget to give us your own suggestions about how to celebrate crystal wedding anniversaries.

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