Indian Bridal Hairstyles For a Long Face

Indian Bridal Hairstyles For a Long Face

Indian weddings are great fun to attend. But in the midst of all this, the bride enjoys the most as she has all the choices and freedom to buy whatever she wishes for her special day. Now that your wedding day is coming close, you must be feeling indecisive as to what hairstyle you are going to sport. As far as Indian weddings are concerned, high buns, loose curls, side braids and puffy crowns are most talked about. But not all these hair styles suit every face shape. If you have long face, you have to mix and match and come up with different ideas. Here at, we are going to talk about some Indian bridal hairstyles for a long face.

Traditional braid

A long, thick braid decorated with pearls, flower garlands or golden accessories is a traditional hairstyle suitable for an Indian wedding. The braid should be thick, neat and tight. If your hair is not so voluminous, you may consider adding some fake hair to your braid. The middle part should be adorned with a maang tikka. This kind of hairstyle looks great on a long face. You may either keep the braid on the back, or bring it to the front from the side.

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A side downdo

An elegant downdo coming from the side serves as a great substitute to a traditional braid hairstyle. This downdo looks nice to have under your colorful veil an Indian bride is supposed to wear. As there is no center parting in this hairdo, it is not possible to wear a maang tikka. However, you can substitute it with chandelier earrings or a side chandelier.

Long wavy hairstyle with bouffant

If you don’t want to have a compact updo or a tight braid on your wedding, you may try a free-flowing, modern hairstyle with a bouffant on top. As you would be wearing a bridal veil on your wedding day, you can easily fix it on the back under the bouffant. You may have a center parting and leave two layers of hair loose with the maang tikka in the middle.

Braided updo

Flowers are an integral part of wedding adornments and décor. A bridal hairstyle is often incomplete without fresh lilies, rose buds, jasmine or freesias. Adorn this hairstyle by making a bun with a braid in the middle, and adorning with a golden accessory in the center.

Side curly downdo

In today’s modern world, Indian weddings tend to be a mix of tradition and fashion. A beautiful downdo with curls, a braid or free-flowing locks looks great to be worn by an Indian bride. Curly, soft lines or ringlets are very welcome on a long face.

A curly updo with large flowers

This is a popular hairsytle to be worn by Indian brides. Shift your curly bun to the side, and balance it with two large flowers or Gajra on the other side. A bouffant is very important to be adorned in this Indian bridal hairstyle for a long face.

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