Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration

Rakhi is a festival of brothers and sisters, and decorating Thali for it is a ritual as important as other customs of this day. Traditionally, a Rakhi Thali is same as any other Thali for worshiping deities, which contains a diya, tika, rice, roli, incense sticks and sandalwood. A Rakhi Thali also contains a Rakhi in addition. Ready Rakhi Thalis available in the market may be of brass, silver or steel, and may have fixed stands and containers for sweets, diyas, incense sticks, rice, roli and other components of the worship. But you have the choice to decorate a Rakhi Thali as per your own individual choice. will give you a few ideas for Rakhi Thali decoration.

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Use betel leaves

In place of the containers, you can use separate betel leaves to keep sweets, rice, roli and other things on the plate. Betel leaves have a holy significance in Hindu worship, and using them to decorate your Rakhi Thali can give an auspicious touch to your Rakhi customs.

Use flowers

You can use fresh flowers of different colors to decorate your Rakhi Thali. You may either fill the plate with flowers, or decorate them by pasting them on the plate’s boundary. Instead of whole flowers, you can use only the petals to decorate your Thali.

Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration - Use flowers

Use dry fruits

You can use cashew nuts, raisins, chestnuts, pistachios, betel nuts, almonds and other dry fruits to decorate your Rakhi Thali. You can either use each for different compartments separately, or mix them together to decorate the entire plate. Circles of dry fruits can give a soothing and colorful look to your Rakhi Thali.

Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration - Use dry fruits

Use roli and turmeric

You can make a semi-solid paste by adding a little water to both of these ingredients separately. Use different colors to draw a Ganesha in the middle of the Thali, and draw alternate color dots on the boundary. You can use your imagination to draw different things on your pooja Thali. The combination of red and yellow colors will give an auspicious look to your Rakhi Thali.

Use chocolates and toffee

Divide areas of your Thali by drawing lines with toffees and chocolates. Place one item of the worship in each division. This one will look very different from other traditional Rakhi Thalis, and your brother will not be able to wait until the pooja is over.

Use cloth and gota

Use a red or yellow bandhani cotton cloth to cover your thali, and decorate it with a golden lace (gota) or moli. But you need to be a little careful with this, as the diya or incense sticks should not come in contact with the cloth during worship.

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Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration
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Ideas For Rakhi Thali Decoration

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