How To Throw An Anti Valentine's Day Party

How To Throw An Anti Valentine's Day Party

Love, gifts, candles, romantic dinners and getaways... Valentine's Day is all about love and couples but what if you don't have anyone to share this day with? You're single and don't particularly like all the fuss surrounding Valentine's Day, but who said the 14th of February is only for couples? You can still enjoy this "special" day even if you're single. In fact, if you follow the instructions from this article you might even have a more interesting day than some couples. Have you ever thought of throwing an anti Valentine's Day party? You can invite all your friends to this original party and celebrate the day in an unconventional way. Because being single has many benefits too! You might be in a relationship but still hate Valentine's Day, then this party is for you too. If you want tips, read this OneHowTo article on how to throw an anti Valentine's Day party.

Send out the invitations

The invitations for your anti Valentine's Day party should look like regular Valentine's Day cards but with negative messages. For instance, you can send cards with lots of hearts and include a message such as "I hate this stupid day", "Valentine's Day sucks" or anything else that comes to your mind. If you don't want to write anything you can just get a card with a heart and paint an X over it or scribble on the card using a pen.

Get the decorations

You can go to any store and purchase conventional Valentine's decorations, and then give them the "hate touch". If you buy garlands with hearts you can paint X on them or write messages against love. You can also lit black candles instead of red and pink, which are the colours normally used for Valentine's Day.

Any decoration will work, just remember to break it, paint it or tear it apart to make it look totally the contrary of Valentine's.

Get your hands on the dough

You can bake biscuits and muffins with anti Valentine's messages too. Bake biscuits with the shape of a heart and decorate them with colored icing. Instead of writing the typical love messages such as "I love you" or "You're my everything", write something else like "Love sucks", "Go away" or "Single".

For the muffins, you can use fondant and make a heart to put it on top of the muffin and then pierce it with a fondant-sword.

Be a good DJ

No romantic music should play in a party that celebrates NO love. "Single ladies" by Beyoncé is a good song to start the playlist with, but after this you can include any other song that talks about breakups, single women or men, or how love sucks in general. Some of the songs you can include in the playlist are:

  • "So lonely" by The Police
  • "I hate myself from loving you" by Joan Jett
  • "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me" by The Smiths
  • "Roar" by Katy Perry
  • "So What" by P!nk

Watch a romantic movie and laugh at it

The perfect movie to make fun of in your anti Valentine's Day party is "Valentine's Day". The 2010 movie is a romantic comedy that tells the story of related characters and their struggles with love on Valentine's Day. As you can imagine the majority of the stories are too happy to be real and everyone is beautiful and happy with life, so why not make fun of it?

You can play drinking games during the movie too, for instance drinking everytime someone says "I love you", a couple stares at each other, someone proposes, someone breaks someone else's heart and then they go back together again...

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