How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens

By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 1, 2017
How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens

Tweens' slumber parties are a very exciting time for all children. During these early experiences they can get a bit more autonomy. An ideal moment to share with friends, spending the night playing games and talking about all kinds of things. Although it's obviously for children, it never hurts to know how to throw a slumber party for tweens. At OneHowTo we'll tell you how so you can help your children to organize one.

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Whom to invite

As always the guests come first if you want to throw a slumber party for tweens. Try to avoid being too many. Inviting many children takes away the touch of secrecy involved in any slumber party. So the best thing is to choose your son or daughter's best friends. The ones whom they spend the most time with and the ones they talk about. Obviously your son or daughter should give you their list.

Slumber party theme

You should sit down with your child and ask them if they want a themed party. Slumber parties can also have themes. For example, you can organize a slumber party themed on your son or daughter's favorite singer or band, their favorite cartoon or film. Here are some of the most popular themes for a slumber party for Tweens:

  • Western Party: Create a saloon and Far West theme, with all the kids dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls.
  • Pirate party: Another of the most popular and easy to organize slumber party for Tweens. The theme really explains itself, though you can take a look at how to make a Pirate costume if you need help.
  • Beauty parlor party: Not just for girls, this is a great theme if yout Tweens want a whole spa treatment. They can even make their own DIY face scrubs and lip balms.
  • Luau party: Get into the Hawaiian party theme, costumes are pretty easy for both boys and girls and they will have plenty of fun!
  • Unicorn party: Rainbows and glitter all over, Tweens are never too old for a Unicorn slumber party filled with magic and colors! Rainbow cake, glitter makeup and fluff all over the place!
  • Sports party: If your Tweens are into a specific sport, it will be easy to throw them a party set on it. However, if the kids have different tastes, an all-sports events with different games and activities surrounding the world of sport will be the best option.
  • Camp party: Tweens love being secretive and making dens, so a camping party will be great, even if you don't have a back yard you can take the slumber party inside and make your own tent with some sheets.
  • Glow in the dark party: Neon everything is one of the latest trends among Tweens. Making a homemade glowing lava lamp and painting everything with neon glow in the dark colors sounds like lots of fun.
  • Scary slumber party:It doesn't necessarily have to be Halloween for a good dose of witches and ghouls. Plenty of scary recipes and good scary stories should be enough for your Tweens to have a terrifying night!
  • Movie party: Are your Tweens Minion lovers or are they more into Marvel films? No matter what, a good dose of popcorn and some easy props will do the trick. You can even have film quizzes and themed games.
  • Rock star party: Who doesn't love music? Have a slumber party with Rock star costumes for everybody, a karaoke and themed decor to go with the whole package.
How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens - Slumber party theme

Slumber party invitations

The invitations are often a very exciting part for children. Not just when designing their sleepover, which starts right when they are delivered, but because they feel important. Go for handmade invitations so that your Tween child can help design them, as it will be part of the fun. 3D invitations are all the rage, and they're pretty easy to make, you'll just have to customize them with your slumber party's theme.

Another way to create excitement is to choose a fun way of handing them out to the guests with your child.

How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens - Slumber party invitations

Call the parents

Once you have the guest list you should try to talk to the parents of the children who are coming to find out who can make it. In this way the parents will be relaxed after having chatted with you. They can also give you their phone number in case there is any problem during the slumber party.

Slumber party activities

Although this is a private evening, as parents you should organize a timetable. You should at least guide your children so that they can perform all the activities they want to. So, if they want to watch films, play cards or put on make-up, you can prepare everything they need and check the contents of the chosen films. We suggest a schedule that looks more or less like this:

  • 1 hour crafts activity: Having a craft to make and take home at a Tween's slumber party is a great idea. Whether it's a glitter jar, a face mask or a DIY costume, the kids will love having their very own customized item.
  • 1 hour snacks and/or dinner: Have a snacking table with all themed food. They will need to replenish their energy at some point, no matter if it's mid afternoon or the evening, so make simple finger food that will look great with the party's theme.
  • 1 hour themed game: No matter the theme of the party, a game with some physical activity (not too much if they have eaten a lot) will tire them out, meaning they won't be going to bed too late.
  • 1 hour film or relaxing activity: Set the mood before bedtime, whether it's a karaoke, watching a film or football game, lowering their drive after bed is a good idea.
How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens - Slumber party activities

Set the slumber party area

When the guests arrive it is very important to show them the house. In this way they will feel much more comfortable and will know where the bathroom and kitchen are. In addition, you should also limit the area of the slumber party because then it will be easier to keep an eye on them.

Slumber party sleeping time

Do not worry too much if the kids stay up late. There's no need to set a time to go to bed. Remember that it is an exciting experience for them and you should not restrict them too much. They'll probably wear themselves out and end up sleeping sooner than you expected, as all these activities will use up their energy.

The day after

The next morning wake them up with a hearty breakfast. Organize them and help them so they can go to the toilet, change clothes and pack their bags again. Check that they haven't forgotten anything and wait for their parents to pick them up. The sleepover will definitely be a hit!

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How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens
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How to Throw a Slumber Party for Tweens

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