How to Throw a Minions Party

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Throw a Minions Party

Are you planning a Minions-themed party? In case you didn't know, Minions are the small yellow creatures from the movie Despicable Me. Since then they have featured in their own spin-off movie, Minions and have become a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon, with their merchanise available almost everywhere. Needless to say, these cute and funny little characters are a big with children. That's why it is a great idea to make them the theme of a celebration or birthday party. This OneHowTo article will provide you with some decoration and theme ideas on how to organise a Minions party.

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Steps to follow:

Minions offer endless possibilities for creating decorative motifs for a party. They'll surely look great and the birthday boy/girl will love them, along with all the guests.

A great idea is to create a garland with the message you want; 'Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations' or something else if it is not a birthday celebration. To do this we recommend using rubber EVA because this material is very malleable and easy to work with. However, if you prefer you can also resort to traditional cardboard.

You'll have to draw all the little characters, place a letter over them and then join them together on a tape or string that can be hung from the ceiling or any wall.

How to Throw a Minions Party - Step 1

Another simple decorating idea for a Minions party is to liven up to the balloons. Just buy some yellow balloons and print some glasses like the ones these funny little figures are wearing.

If you prefer, you can also draw them with a marker, although sticking on printed glasses will always be much more realistic. Likewise, you can also add the blue overalls or trousers worn by the Minions.

How to Throw a Minions Party - Step 2

A party is not a party without food, so you'll need to prepare special cups, plates and cutlery for the occasion. You'll need yellow plastic or paper napkins and cups on which you will also have to attach the Minions' eyes and glasses.

You can combine them with blue forks, spoons and knives and you can also play with the colour of the tablecloth or trays. As for the dishes, it is better not to place the eyes on them as the food will go on top and it would be preferable to avoid anyone getting scared.

How to Throw a Minions Party - Step 3

What can you serve to eat at a Minions themed party? The truth is that you can prepare whatever you like, although it would be good for some of the dishes to include these yellow characters.

Sweets are ideal for doing this and we suggest making biscuits or cupcakes in the shape of Minions. It is very simple; you just need yellow, black, white and grey fondant.

How to Throw a Minions Party - Step 4

It would also be great for guests to be able to take a Minion souvenir home, right? There are many options that you can make easily and economically. You can see detailed step by step guides by clicking on:

How to Throw a Minions Party - Step 5

Themed parties are always more fun when they're dress-up. Why not make your party a Minion dress-up party? See how crafty and imaginative your guests will be at constructing their Minion costumes. At OneHowTo, we have a guide on how to make a Minion costume and even the purple minion costume!

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How to Throw a Minions Party
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How to Throw a Minions Party

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