How to plan and organize a wedding step by step

How to plan and organize a wedding step by step

If you have just got engaged and you have to start making the necessary arrangements to organize your wedding this article is for you. The preparation and holding of a wedding requires many steps and many details you never think about if you've never organized one. For this reason, We want to make it easy and explain step by step the things you have to consider to organize your wedding. Here we show you the how to plan and organize a wedding step by step.

Steps to follow:

First things first, you should tell your immediate family about the good news, they'll be the most excited and can also help you with preparations.

The first step of preparations include the following tasks, make sure you tick them all off before jumping to the next:

  • Choose the wedding date
  • Calculate a budget
  • Decide on the guests
  • Choose and book the venue for the reception and banquet (this last step may vary the wedding date too, as the place may be more important to you than the actual date.

Make sure you tick these steps together with your fiancée as these steps will be decisive in order to have a wedding you both enjoy and are happy with.


Order and prepare all necessary documentation for the wedding, either civil or religious. If the wedding is religious, make sure you know when you have to take the premarital course.


Buy the bride's dress and the groom's suit. This is something which is usually done separately, and is a good moment for close friends and family of each part get into the festive spirit and start sharing moments with you.

If you are planning a hippy-style wedding, OneHowto has some incredible ideas for your wedding dress.


Now's the time to start with other important preparations that you can also do together.

  • Find a photographer and videographer for the wedding
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Choose invitation design and send them to guests
  • Create the wedding gift list (if you want to have one)

In case you have guests coming from away, finding them accommodation in time is important (home of a family member or at a hostel or hotel).


Choosing the bride's hairstyle and makeup. This is also a great moment to share with the bride's side of the family and friends. What's important is not to let the people accompanying the bride to overwhelm her. It is the bride who should feel beautiful and comfortable with what she wears.


It is now time to get down to the real stuff and prepare the ceremony. These are the thing you should take into account so everything goes perfectly on your magic day

  • Prepare readings (who and what will they read?)
  • Music (for the ceremony and party. DJ, musicians, band?)
  • Protocol (this can go from the schedule of your wedding to the dress code)
  • Flowers and decorations (you can make the flower arrangements yourself too if you want to save money or order them at a florist)
  • Nupcial cars (you may want to rent a special car to get to the venue and leave)
  • Gifts for guests

One of the crucial moments is to buy the rings, one of the most important preparations for the bride and groom.


If you haven't already, choose bridesmaids, best man, witnesses and pages (if you want a child to carry the rings).

Make sure each of the people know what their role is before and during the wedding and make sure they have enough time to dedicate for the wedding. Here are some ideas for bridesmaid dresses.


Trying the chosen menu and decide on the final menu, including drinks such as wines and champagne. As important (or even more), is choosing the cake. This can be done toghether with bridesmaids and best men too, as it's a great place to get them all to meet if they don't already know eachother.


Call all the guests who have confirmed their attendance to make sure they are up to date on everything such as accommodation, timetable and to make sure you know how many guests are coming.

Thus, you can start working on organising seating plans, which is something you should always do together so you don't find any last minute surprises.


As the wedding gets closer it's time for last minute preparations:

  • Try out the bride's hairstyle and makeup.
  • Pick up the bride's dress and the groom's suit.
  • Check everything you have booked is still OK-GO.

Make a list of all the last minute things you may need to do and make sure you check them off the list as soon as you do them. Remember to relax and enjoy the day!

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  • Do not let the work involved in organising your wedding stress you out and make you nervous.
  • The most important thing for your wedding to be a success is that prepare with enthusiasm and eager.
  • Try not to accumulate and organize all the work of the wedding to the last moment.
  • In this article, we give you the main things you have to consider in planning your wedding. Let your imagination run wild and add custom details if you have time and inclination to do so.
  • Remember that your wedding will surely be one of the happiest days of your life. Enjoy it from the moment you start plan!