How To Plan An Indian Wedding On A Budget

How To Plan An Indian Wedding On A Budget

Indian weddings are expensive affairs, but you do not need to worry about the ever-increasing costs. If you are going to get married this season, and you are concerned about getting it done within budget, then this article on oneHOWTO is specially made for you. Here, we will give you simple tips on how to plan an Indian wedding on a budget.

Decide a budget

Discuss with your family and make an approximate budget within which you want the wedding to be organized. List all the things you want in your wedding, along with their minimum and maximum costs, including the food, venue, entertainment, flowers, etc.

Prioritize things

Once you have created a list of all the things you want in your wedding, assign priorities to them, and cut down the unnecessary ones. For example, if you cannot reduce the number of guests, you can choose a date when the venue is free and be ready to negotiate the price.

Make your bookings in advance

If you start your preparations early, you will have enough time to shop around and compare. Visiting several locations may be useful in finding better deals than the others. Hotels, venues, train tickets, flight tickets, car rentals and almost everything soar high in the last minute. So, plan ahead and book in advance.

Select an alternate venue

Instead of booking a banquet, you can make the wedding arrangement in your own garden, provided that it is big enough to accommodate your guest list. Your nearby community center, a friend’s farmhouse, the parking area below your house, and other such spaces can also be used for weddings. Choose a theme for sangeet night that won't require expensive decoration, so you can save on the events preceding the reception.

Buy jewelry wisely

Indians spend huge amounts on buying wedding jewelry. Visit a wholesale jeweler or a freelancer jeweler to buy jewelry, instead of buying from a branded designer store. Whether you are looking for gold jewelry, jadau jewelry, kundan jewelry, diamond jewelry or any other type of jewelry, visit a specialist and you will end up saving a good amount of money.

Find hidden gems in your city

There are numerous talented photographers, wedding planners, caterers and other specialists who are not so famous, but they are on the lookout for opportunities to show their talent. Such professionals may get ready to work for you for even half the price of their established counterparts. But before you hire them, ensure their quality of work.

Do it yourself

No need to hire a stylist or makeup artist, you can learn how to decorate coconuts, apply your own makeup, apply your own mehndi and even make your own mehndi paste at home.

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Now that you know the best ways to plan an Indian wedding on a budget, go out, do some research, and plan for your big day wisely.

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