How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips

Planning a surprise birthday party is a really exciting experience, but the organisation can also be full of stress as you have to take care of every detail so that no one suspects about the celebration and ruins the magical surprise. Simply a little organisation, discretion and creativity will allow you to successfully achieve your goal. However, sometimes it can be hard to think about creative ideas to make the best surprise party you could imagine. If you need some tips to achieve this, read this OneHowTo article and learn how to plan a surprise birthday party that everyone will remember.

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Steps to follow:

The key to planning a surprise birthday party it is discretion, so forget about whispers in meetings or suspicious conversations that make others think that something is strange. It is best to opt for the technological means at your disposal to organise the meeting.

For that we recommend three fool proof ways:

  • Make a group on Facebook with the celebration in which you can tell all the details of the party.
  • Create a group on Whatsapp, which is far less organised but more immediate.
  • Send an email to all the guests. In this case should make sure you have updated the email address of all of them.

It is important to choose the date and time of the surprise party depending on the daily routine of the birthday person. Be sure to create a whole plan to entertain the birthday person on the day of the party, but do it in a way that does not lead him/her to suspect. Accomplices are always needed, especially when it comes to distracting the birthday person. Choose someone who is discreet and produce a simple plan that does not raise suspicion. This way you'll make sure that the guest of honour arrives at the surprise party naturally and without imagining what awaits them.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips - Step 2

Of course, you must also choose the place where you plan to celebrate this event. You can opt for a house, a room, a party room... it all depends on the type of party you want to give them and the occasion. Some ages are more emblematic than others, so they deserve more effort in planning.

If you need a professional hand, there are many companies that can help you plan birthday parties. This companies will make it easy to rent a function room, reserve restaurants, help with the decorations and prepare the food. This way you'll only have to worry about maintaining an aura of secrecy.


Once all the details like the date, place and theme are ready, there are two things you should never forget to plan a surprise party: the decorations and the music.

Choose auspicious decoration for the celebration and the kind of party you are organising. A good way is to use elements that tie in with the age of the birthday person, based on the decade in which they were born, e.g. decoration for 70s party or 90s party. You could even add old photos of this person to do somthing much more intimate and personal. Besides, the music should be commensurate to the occasion and be animated. Do not hesitate to prepare a perfect playlist or hire the services of a DJ in case you intend to do a celebration in style.


Finally, get drinks for all guests and prepare snacks for the celebration. But you don't need to complicate matters. If you've invited many people to the party you can ask them to help you prepare the food or tell them to bring something so they can all contribute with the drinks and the food. This will be especially useful if you're throwing the party in the house of the birthday person, as you have to make sure he/she doesn't find anything unusual. In that case you may need to store the drink elsewhere and then prepare snacks away from prying eyes.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips - Step 5

Remember that with creativity and discretion, you can plan a surprise party that is great and very funny.

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How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips
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How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party - Best Tips

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