How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event

Why settle for a conventional wedding if you can make it original and fun? Your big day is just around the corner, so it's time to plan an unforgettable and unique party to have a great time with your loved ones. Your wedding day will be remembered as cheerful and happy, with a healthy tinge of crazy and a lot of excitement for the couple and for all the guests.

Set aside tradition and surprise the audience with good music, unforgettable memories and unique photos; it will be memorable for sure! Stay with us at OneHowTo to learn how to plan a fun wedding with our ideas for a unique event.

To the rhythm of the music

Don't stop dancing! What's more fun than good music? Do not forget that, like in any party worth its name, your favorite songs must be present. What about making music the main thread for your wedding? Like the soundtrack of a movie, songs can create transitions for each event, from the ceremony to the after party.

A good idea is to distribute your guests' tables according to your favorite songs. Leave instructions on the table; when a particular artist or song plays, those seated at that table will have to get up and dance - even better if they've prepared a choreography. This way, you will keep your guests entertained during the banquet.

Why not choose the best song for each guest group and have them dance their way to their tables before the feast? They might resent you a bit - but you will enjoy it!

How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event - To the rhythm of the music

On point decoration

The difference between a good and a spectacular event is in the details - especially when we're talking about your wedding. Preparing an activity to amuse and entertain your guests is very simple - and they will love it. How about having a photo-call so that your guests can have their pictures taken like stars on the red carpet?

You can also plan a fun wedding on a budget; rent a photo booth! Your guests will have fun taking crazy pictures, and they will feel less self-conscious. Plus, they will instantly have their pictures and they will be able to keep them as souvenirs.

Or why not leave an instant camera on each table? Your guests will be able to take their own pictures, you'll save on the photographer and all of you will have the time of your lives. Plus, you can include accessories to dress up. Try feather boas, top hats, or fake mustaches. Party kits are really easy to find!

For guests with a sweet tooth, add a sweet table or buffet. This is perfect if you have children as guests. You can also include a cotton candy or popcorn machine, which will add color and a dreamy aspect to your beautiful wedding.

And for an extra personal touch, create even more beautiful and lasting memories of your unique wedding day by having your guests write their best wishes for you two in an original way. Build a mailbox and provide cards and envelopes for everyone, or put up a big canvas for people to write on - don't forget to have plenty of pens! There are millions of ideas to make your wedding day an absolutely unforgettable event - brainstorm with your significant other and your friends!

How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event - On point decoration

It's all fun and games!

There is nothing more fun than seeing your guests actively participate as part of your wedding. To engage them, you must make sure there are plenty of fun activities to liven up the party and set off a unique celebration. For example, prepare a surprise for your bride or groom with your friends - what about a breath-taking or simply goody flash mob? Your guests will greatly admire your creativity and the dance moves that you have previously prepared.

As the couple must open the dance, prepare an unforgettable performance for all your guests, in the style of Moulin Rouge, Dirty Dancing or Grease. Make sure wedding dance is flashy and different and surprise your guests - they will love it!

What if you turn your wedding into a karaoke party? As the time for dancing arrives, this can be a hilarious option to keep you all entertained and to give you a real natural high. It is your wedding - if you don't get wild and a bit ridiculous now, when will you? Choose the best - or the worst - singers and songs. Why not rate the performances like a Eurovision contest?

To have a fun and original wedding, use your imagination. Make sure your wedding is over the top and your guests will all take part in and enjoy this magical day. Have fun!

How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event - It's all fun and games!

These have been some of our ideas on how to plan a fun wedding - your event will be unique and unforgettable! If you have any more ideas or tips, please tell us in the comments section!

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How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event
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How to Plan a Fun Wedding: Ideas for a Unique Event

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