How to Plan a Country Wedding

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Plan a Country Wedding

There are new ideas and places springing up for people to get married every day. It seems that traditional weddings are losing ground, giving way to outdoor weddings whether in a garden, on the beach, by water or in the countryside. There are many ways to organise a wedding, but the place and type of celebration is always key. In we give you the best ideas to decorate and plan a country wedding.

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Steps to follow:

To start, you should choose a picturesque setting. Somewhere with trees, flowers and an even ground will help to make it more comfortable whilst providing you with all the decor you need for your country wedding.

How to Plan a Country Wedding - Step 1

For the ceremony, you can create a central aisle by using straw bales either side covered with a nice cloth, so that guests can sit down. When choosing which fabric or what color to use, it's best to keep the decor all the same, so choose sets of the same color for the tablecloths, bridal bouquet, etc. For the altar, choose an old and simple wooden table.


For the cocktail party, it's best to keep nature as the main and most important theme, with only round tables acting as support.

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To choose the tables for lunch or dinner for your country wedding, it's best to use round tablecloths in the same color as the rest of the decor, with wood and wicker chairs. Place a few Use glass jars or painted buckets with natural flowers as centerpieces. Tie a ribbon in your color theme to make them prettier.

How to Plan a Country Wedding - Step 4

The decorations should be simple. Trees and plants will be the main theme. As a bonus, you can put wicker baskets with flowers, wooden benches, etc., and at night, light everywhere with bulbs hanging from tree to tree. You could include torches and solar lights, fixed into the ground, such as garden lights. In addition, your guest seating plan would look really good drawn on a piece of slate.

How to Plan a Country Wedding - Step 5

Finally, the wedding couple's outfits should be simple, comfortable, yet elegant. For him, a black or navy blue suit, with a basic white shirt and black or dark-coloured tie - bronze can also work well. He should wear black shoes that are, above all, comfortable, and nothing less than slick hair. A look tousled with wax will look more countrified.

For her, a flowing dress is best, without too much embellishment. Her hair can be plaited to one side or she can wear a thin crown made with wild flowers. To be in keeping with the theme as well as comfortable, white espadrilles or wedges are feminine, stylish and very appropriate for a country wedding.

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How to Plan a Country Wedding
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How to Plan a Country Wedding

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