How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach

Getting married is an important moment in the life of any couple and it is clear that the way you choose to celebrate should also reflect your personality and style. Right now many couples choose to do the whole wedding ceremony and reception on the beach, but to accomplish this romantic and wonderful idea there are some details to be taken into account. Here are some OneHowTo tips so you know how to organize a wedding on the beach.

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When choosing the ideal location, bear in mind the following

Getting married on the beach does not mean getting married in any beach. Note that the place you choose must meet certain conditions: the beach should allow you to hold such events, there should be accommodation nearby so your guests can stay overnight, it should have lots of useful services for the event so that you do not have to bring everything else - e.g. snacks and food, musical entertainment, disco balls, etc. It should also be a place that is accessible for your guests with regards to travel and budget, because if you choose a heavenly beach in Hawaii then it could be very expensive and not everyone could attend.

The perfect weather

It is clear that a beach wedding requires a certain climate, sunny and warm. However, bear in mind that it's not a good idea to have a beach wedding in the hottest months of summer unless the celebration takes place in the evening. It is preferable to choose a warm month during the Spring with more manageable temperatures that allow you to have an enjoyable holiday without dying from heatstroke.


White or pastel shades are always preferred for decorations, although strong colours like yellow or orange can create the ideal tropical environment. It is important that when choosing the decor you take into account two elements. First, you need to choose flowers that can withstand high temperatures and still remain beautiful. Furthermore, you will have to select furniture and table centrepieces that withstand wind and heat. The best advice is to ask someone skilled in this field to ensure your peace of mind and the comfort of your guests.

How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach - Decoration


If you plan your beach wedding attire for both the bride and groom as well as the dress code for guests, you should aim to ensure comfort. A wedding on the beach is a different environment and a celebration that is outdoors. So, it's good to think about and define what the dress code and then specify in the invitations so everyone knows what they should wear when they attend your fabulous wedding. For instance, high heels might not be the best in this case. You should especify it on the wedding invitations so there are no surprises on the day of the wedding.

Snacks, dinner and drinks

For appetisers, choose those that do not require constant refrigeration and which can be kept in a good condition outdoors. If you choose seafood, make sure it's fresh and that it won't poison any of your guests at the party. The banquet menu should not be too heavy as the atmosphere lends itself to lighter ideas. It's completely obvious that soups and broths are too heavy dishes for your guests. Instead opt for those lightweight and versatile dishes.

The types of drink you choose are also important. Drinks should also be fresh and beachy, so a good idea is to place a bar for cocktails. This something that will surely please your guests and get the party going!

How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach - Snacks, dinner and drinks

For Brides: hair and makeup

The bride will be at the centre of the celebration, so she must be perfect. Get advice from your make-up artist about products that may work better on your skin considering that you'll be exposed to heat, wind and salt. The bride's hair is probably best tied up for convenience so that she can fully enjoy this special day.

How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach - For Brides: hair and makeup

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How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach
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How to Organize a Wedding on the Beach

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