How to organize a party with little money

How to organize a party with little money

Throwing a party for your friends doesn't always have to mean spending a lot of money. With the collaboration of all the guests and following a few tips, you can have very lively parties which are also very cheap. At, we explain how to organize a party with little money.

Steps to follow:

Choose the time well.

If you organise the party at a time between meals, for example in mid-afternoon, you will not need to buy so many things. Some finger food and snaks will be enough in any case, and you can devote the budget to other purposes.


The place matters.

If you can have the party at your home, or in someone's home, you will not have to pay any rent. If you have outdoor spaces, such as gardens or pools, so much the better. You can even bring the guests together in a park to celebrate a great outdoor party. However, if you choose to rent somewhere in the end, keep in mind that it will generally be cheaper if you celebrate the event on weekdays rather than on weekends.


Crockery and cutlery.

If you organise the party in someone's house, don't buy disposable crockery. Use the cutlery and crockery in the house and save yourself buying cups, plates and plastic forks. Besides, this way you will generate less waste.


Get everyone to bring some food.

An idea that always seems to work is that each guest brings some food to the party. This ensures a variety of dishes and means that spending money and time is shared more or less equally. In addition, the cooking skills of each person will definitely serve as a topic of conversation during and after the party.


Invitations on social networks.

Don't spend money making invitations for each person. Use social networks like Facebook instead to create an event with all the details in a few minutes. It won't cost you anything at all. This way you can also easily see the RSVPs.


Set a budget.

Establish a maximum amount of money you can spend, and don't go over it. Organise a kitty with all the guests, and don't spend more than that amount. It's the best way to control overall spending. Start buying the essentials and then if there is some money left over later for some more things, better than good.


Secondary brands.

Not everything has to be of the highest quality if the budget is limited. In these cases, you can use cheaper brands or own brands of major retail chains, which sometimes are just as good as the leading firms. Of course, if despite everything you don't want it to be noticed, serve the food and drink on plates, dishes and jugs so that you can't see the original packaging.


Simple decor.

If you want to give an original touch to the party, but don't have much money, you only need a little imagination in most cases. Balloons, some cardboard, paper garlands... In any corner shop you can find things to decorate the party for very little money. Another possible idea is to organise a costume or theme party, in which each person comes with their own costume.


Make cubes at home rather than buying ice.

Spending money on ice cubes is often pointless, especially if the party will be held in someone's house. Use the ice-trays and freezer in your home, and save yourself a little money, especially if people are going to have lots of drinks.

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