How To Make Your Own Decorations For Christmas With Waste Material

How To Make Your Own Decorations For Christmas With Waste Material

The crisis sharpens wit, especially during the holidays. If you also want to decorate the house in an original way, but without spending much money, crafts and recycling are the perfect solution. Do not know where to start? Need help? In OneHowTo we help you decorate for Christmas with some very creative ideas with which to share your love for the planet. Take notes on how to make your own decorations for Christmas with waste material.

Christmas Tree Baubles

We'll start with a classic recycled Christmas craft : Christmas tree baubles. A good idea may be to paint your old Christmas balls with metallic spray paint. Cover the work area with newspaper and apply paint over the entire surface, following the recommendations given by the manufacturer on the paint container. You can also use templates to make all sorts of drawings on the balls.

There are as many ideas to make recycled Christmas tree decorations as you can imagine, discover them!

Your own nativity scene

The most creative of you will find the following Recycled Christmas craft fascinating . It is to design our own nativity scene inside a glass bottle or mason jar. For this you'll need a bit of cotton to simulate snow, a jar in the size you want and decorative items that you want to use to decorate the inside of your container, as you can see from the image of our article. It could also be a great homemade Christmas gift idea.

For other recycled mason jars Christmas decoration ideas, check our tutorial.


How To Make a Christmas Tree With Waste Material

We cannot forget the most traditional, basic and essential Christmas decorative element, that is, the Christmas tree. Anyone can have one at home made from recycled items.

For example, you can design your own Christmas tree with bottle corks glued on top of each other in a pyramid, using common adhesive. You can make a tree in the size you want, considering the number of corks that you use - another great idea for your cheap Christmas Crafts. An alternative method is to make a Christmas tree using recycled plastic bottles.

Depending on where you place it, this is a great idea to decorate a terrace for Christmas with nature-inspired ornaments while still being sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Textile patchwork

For decorating your dining table this holiday season, there is nothing better than using the technique of patchwork. It's as easy as sewing scraps of old cloth to form the final design, which can be used as a tablecloth to decorate your table, but also as napkins, tea towels and countless more Christmas decoration ideas. Our advice for this fun recycled craft? Try to be true to the Christmas spirit and commit to the traditional red or some themed print. Look closely around home and you're sure to have some old fabrics which you can put to good use.


How To Make a Christmas Wreath from Waste Materials

We have decorated the tree, we even made our own tree, and we set our table - the only thing lacking is the traditional Christmas Wreath on the front door. Another brilliant idea that adds to the long list of Recycled Crafts for Christmas, and as simple to make as getting a thick wire at any hardware store, sturdy enough to decorate it with pegs. The idea is to attach the pegs around the wire frame, as needed for the size. And as a finishing touch, do not forget to paint the pegs the same color and decorate with a pretty bow, for example, red.

Another good option is to use the clothes pegs to make Christmas decorations in the shape of Santa Claus and a snowman.


Newspaper baubles

Do you want to create original baubles for your Christmas tree? Then how about making baubles out of newspaper! It's very simple to make and you can easily do it with your kids. You'll find the instructions on how to make other amazing DIY decor with newspaper on our article how to make crafts with newspaper.

How To Make Santa Claus With Waste Material

If you are looking to apply a finishing touch to your Christmas decorations then another great idea is to make a Santa Claus from waste material. After all, what would Christmas be without the man himself?

In order to make a DIY Santa Claus Doll you just need a few simple craft materials and a bit of creativity. Click here to read the full guide.

Share your favorite ideas

Here at OneHowTo we hope our ideas will have been useful. Although there are still many more ideas out there about how to decorate cheaply at christmas. Do you know how to make recycled crafts for Christmas? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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