How to Make your own Corpse Bride Costume

How to Make your own Corpse Bride Costume

Emily, the main character of Tim Burton's famous animated film The Corpse Bride has become one of the most popular costumes for girls to wear at night on Halloween. And it is a very simple costume to make. Perhaps the only element where you'll need to pay more attention is your perfect Halloween makeup so the final look is as authentic as possible. Find out in this oneHOWTO article how to make your own Corpse Bride costume.

Steps to follow:

The main element you'll need to make a Corpse Bride costume is to use a long white dress, something like a wedding dress, with a narrow size top half and a wider skirt which flares a little. As she is a dead bride who has been buried and then resurrected, the bride's dress must appear somewhat torn, with rips and dirt in some areas. You can use a white sheet that you have at home to compile your wedding dress.


If you look closely, on one side of the dress the Corpse Bride wears, there is a rip below the chest where you can see her ribs. This is a key detail that you should include in your costume to give it authenticity and to add a darker element to your Halloween costume. To make it, use a square piece of black cloth with white adhesive paper to make the shape of the bones. Then make a cut on the right side of the dress, sew in the square of fabric with the bones on them and you're ready! Your dress will be perfect for a Corpse Bride costume.

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Another of the key elements when dressing up as this Halloween character is to incorporate a skeletal arm. As shown in the picture, a great option is to cover your arm in black makeup and then draw on all the bones of the arm and the hand.


The Corpse Bride's hair in the original film is blue, so to do this you can choose from several options. Ideally, buy a blue wig that is quite long and comb to get mid-length waves. If you have long hair, you can apply a blue spray that can easily be removed by washing it out.

What you should not miss, however, is the tiara with blue flowers and the veil that the Corpse Bride wears. To make the tiara, you can use a headband that you can find at home and add some flowers made of crumpled paper in blue and grey colors. On the other hand, the costume's veil can be made with tulle, and don't forget to add some rips in the fabric.


The makeup is the most important and characteristic part of the corpse bride costume. To achieve this, completely cover your face with blue makeup, face paints or eye shadow. To simulate her large eyes, use white eyeliner to draw a thick line on the lower lashes and then outline the eyes with black paint and draw very long eyelashes. Freely apply a fair amount of blue eye shadow combined with black on your eyelids. Do not forget to draw a scar or wound with specialized makeup on your cheek and to apply pink lipstick. With all this, you will be the perfect Corpse Bride on the eve of Halloween.


Finally, complete your Halloween costume with a bridal bouquet. You can buy some blue and silver plastic flowers to create a small bouquet. The drier and more damaged the flowers look, the more complete your corpse bride outfit will be.

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If you want to make a Corpse Bride children's costume, we're going to give you some guidelines you can follow so that you can adapt this costume for girls. We recommend you spray the girl's hair in blue hairspray or, if you don't want to damage your hair, use a blue wig.

Some girls tend to love heels so, if this is your girl's case, take advantage of Halloween to dress her up as an authentic bride by wearing a small heel so that she can make noise while she walks, she'll love it!

When it comes to the bride's makeup, don't miss out on any details, kids love face paints. Use a moisturizer as a base so you don't damage the girl's skin and combine the blue base with a red lipstick and defined white eyes.

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