How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

When it's time to decorate our house for Christmas, there are several ideas to make decorations and many of them are quite cheap, like the one we propose today: making pine cone Christmas decorations. Making your own Christmas decorations from recycled items is a great way to actively contribute to keeping the environment safe and reducing waste. It's about taking advantage of natural elements that can be picked up in the woods near home, such as pine cones. With these we can make all kinds of Christmas decorations: centerpieces, Christmas tree decorations, candles, wreaths ...

Decorating your house with pine cones is also a great way to save money on your Christmas decorations. Don't wait any longer and discover with this article how to make pine cone Christmas decorations.

You'll need:
  • Pine cones
  • (the rest of the material varies depending on the decoration)
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There is a variety of things to do with pine cones. One of the most common Christmas decorations is pine cones made into centerpieces. There are hundreds of ideas when it comes to making them, and you should try to combine them with the rest of the decorations in the room. To do so you can:

  • Paint the pine cones with golden or silver spray paint.
  • Dip them in glue and roll them on glitter.
  • Paint them red, green or the color that best combines with your Christmas decorations.

You can also use other natural materials such as the actual pine branches and combine it with same-color candles such as dried fruit to create a wonderfully scented centerpiece. Add bows, ribbons, baubles ... Anything you can think of!

How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - Centerpieces

Candle-shaped pine cone

Candles are another great thing to make cone Christmas decorations. To create a candle-shaped pine cone, you must get the pine cone and tie a wick around it, making a tight knot (it won't be visible later on). You can melt the wax on double heat with two pots, with any colouring you like, so the candles have several colors. Next, let it cool down and dip the pine cone in. The more time you repeat this process, the thicker the layer of wax will be. Finally, let them dry and you'll have your pine cone-shaped candles.

How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - Candle-shaped pine cone


Another good idea to make pine cone Christmas decorations is to create a Garland with pine cones, a simple and cheap idea. Like in the previous case, you can choose to paint and decorate pines or leave them as they are.

You must place sockets or closed eye nails (the ones used with pitons to hang pictures on the wall) on the top part of the pine cones, to get them through the ribbon. If they're open, you'll be able to make a hole in the ribbon and hang the pine cone; but if they're closed, we recommend you put the ribbon through the hole and tie it to make sure the pine cones don't move. This is a great idea to decorate your home for Christmas following Feng Shui.

How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - Garlands

Singing pine cones

Pine cones can also be turned into fun singing characters to decorate your home during the Christmas period. To make them, you'll need acorns and pine twigs, as well as cardboard, paper, felt pen and glue.

You should give life to these characters using the acorns as a head, the twigs as arms and adding a file with scores made of cardboard and paper. The kids will love making this at home!

How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - Singing pine cones

Christmas wreath

Another pine cone Christmas decoration you can make with pine cones are the typical Christmas wreaths that decorate doors during this season.

To make it, you'll need a crown base in the size you prefer; you can buy it ready made in a crafts shop or make it yourself out of cardboard. Next, you should stick the pine cones to the base with strong glue, hot glue or silicon. You can use the pinnace and other natural elements, and decorate it with ribbon and laces too.

How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - Christmas wreath

If you liked how to make pine cone Christmas decorations and want more tips on how to reuse items for Christmas decorations, or want to have a greener Christmas, check our article on how to have a sustainable Christmas.

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  • You can paint pine cones in the color you prefer to combine with the rest of the decor in your house.

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How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations
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How To Make Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

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