How to Make Inside Out DIY Costumes

How to Make Inside Out DIY Costumes

Disney Pixar's Inside Out has definitely been the sensation of the year for both children and adults next to the Minions. The cute emotions in Riley Andersen's head have captivated audiences worldwide. As Halloween approaches there are many of you who would like to dress up as one of the Inside Out characters but need ideas to make a costume. Plus, it's a great idea if you and your friends are planning to have matching costumes!

This is why OneHowTo would like to show you how to make Inside Out Characters costumes!

You'll need:

How to make a DIY Joy from Inside Out costume

Joy is one of the most important characters in the movie. As her name suggests, she is full of happiness and is always ready for a laugh.

To make a DIY costume of Joy, find a lime green or light yellow knee-length dress. Make sure that the dress fits tight along your waist. The next step is to use a light blue paint pen to draw those recognizable flower prints on the dress.

Find a light-blue wig or a blond wig so you can spray-paint it in the exact color. You should make sure you cut the wig to the optimum length that is known as a pixie cut: at cheekbone height and with tufts of hair poking from the back. You can use hairspray to make sure they stay in place. Joy's bangs are toothed and part to the left, so make sure you get the hairstyle right.

For shoes, use light yellow or lime green ballerina shoes or espadrilles, comfortable footwear that won't stand out too much.

As for makeup, you can choose to paint your skin slightly yellow or not, as Joy has a fairly Caucasian-like skin. Add some dark blue eye shadow to highlight your eyes.

How to make a DIY Sandness from Inside Out costume

Though to play Sadness may seem, well, sad; she is one of the most important characters and is absolutely necessary for Riley's well-being.

If you want to make a DIY Sadness costume you should start with a double turtle neck jumper. It should be either very light blue or in beige. Combine it with electric blue trousers or leggings for the perfect costume.

Sadness also wears ballerina shoes but in navy blue. You will also need a blue wig that you should cut at jaw length on one side and cheek length on the other. Make sure the wig's parting is to the shorter side of her hair.

One of the most characteristic features of Sadness are her big, round glasses. You will be able to find these in most fancy dress shops. You should paint your face light blue and even your hands if you're up for it!

How to make a DIY Fear from Inside Out costume

You may think that making a DIY Fear from Inside out costume is more difficult due to the fact he has wobbly eyes that seem to float over his head. Even though, there are creative solutions.

But first, we'll make sure you get the attire right. Find a light purple shirt and tuck it in some dark purple or navy blue trousers. Use a hounds-tooth vest, which is pretty easy to find, or a black and grey vest that has a similar pattern. And don't forget the red bow-tie!

Now for the more complicated face of Inside Out's Fear. You should paint two white circles around your eyes to create those massive surprised eyes this character has. Fill them in white and surround your eyes with black eyeliner for a better effect. Then, paint the rest of your face in purple. With either black foam paper or cardboard, you can draw and cut the eyebrows to create a worried look. Use purple foam paper to make the one hair Fear has left on his head. If you like you can stick in on a headband with a stapler so you make sure it will stay on your hair on you can simply pin it on your hair instead.

How to make a DIY Disgust from Inside Out costume

Disgust is definitely the pettiest of emotions in Inside Out so you should take special care when getting this costume right.

First of all you'll need a knee length, sleeveless green dress. You can use white paint pen to draw the big flowers on the dress in different sizes. Add a green or white waist belt too. Find a pink scarf and tie it to your neck with a side knot. Slide into some dark green tights and wear green or pink ballerina shoes too.

For the makeup, paint your face green and add some glittery green fake eyelashes, which you'll be able to find in fancy dress shops. Paint your lips pint and apply some red blush on too.

Search for a green wig or dye a blonde wig green. Make sure the hair is shoulder length and create a side parting.

How to make a DIY Anger from Inside Out costume

The angriest emotion may be one of the easiest Inside Out characters to impersonate.

To make an Anger costume you'll need a white shirt. Make sure it's quite loose on you so you can fold the sleeves up slightly. Put on some brown trousers and brown shoes.

For the tie, find a red one and create the zig-zag effect with pieces of grey fabric that you can sew it or stick with glue to the tie.

Paint your face and hands red and make some thick eyebrows with foam paper for a more angry look. You can also use yellow and red foam paper to create the fire that comes out from Anger's head. You can also stick them to a head band to secure it on your head.

Other ideas

If you want a more accurate look, you can also find a picture of each character's face, print it and create a mask so your face looks exactly the same as your Inside Out character.

The textures that Pixar play with in this movie allows for more detail in each character. Glitter shows in many parts of Riley's emotions so if you like, you can sprinkle the corresponding color of glitter on key parts of your character's hair.

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