How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: July 3, 2019
How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard

If you want to become a Halloween décor indisputable champion, then decorating your yard is a must. Unless you invite people into your house, you are not going to be able to showcase your utterly scary and genuinely creepy Halloween decorations unless you start with getting them outside. By decorating your yard, you will undoubtedly get the camera flashes from people envying your take on the true Halloween spirit.

In this oneHOWTO article we share some ideas on how to make Halloween props for the yard.

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Tombstone and graveyard props

From haunted houses to cemeteries, the main theme for the holiday is bringing the deceased back to life. While some people head for a midnight movie night at the cemetery, you don't have to go that far to get into the spirit. You may start by recreating this creepy place within your yard.

Setting some stone or wood panels to replicate tombstones is a favorite Halloween prop. You can set one or two, or go ahead and build a solid graveyard. You may buy these props from the store or build your own from old furniture and then painting the letters “RIP” on the front. For a creepier experience place a fake hand next to a tombstone to look as if there is a dead person coming up from the ground.


How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard - Tombstone and graveyard props

Carved and lighted pumpkins

If you have lanterns to illuminate your entryway at night, then you can easily add some Halloween spirit with a few pumpkins. If you hear of a pumpkin picking activity near your home, sign up and bring a few home. Spend the afternoon carving pumpkins and making them as scary looking as you want. Then place your lanterns inside the pumpkins.

A few other ideas include covering your lanterns with breathable and fire retardant white fabric to emulate ghosts. If you can hang your lanterns around your trees or bushes, the effect is surely hair-rising.

How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard - Carved and lighted pumpkins

Spider webs and bats

Nobody likes spiders, so you can have a true winner if you decide to make your yard a gigantic spider web. In the store you can buy stringy and sticky fabric that is often used to create fake spider webs. Make sure that you buy some plastic spiders or insects and place them within the spider web. At night and with very low visibility the spiders will seem real.

How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard - Spider webs and bats

Dead dolls

If you have old dolls or toys that you just keep stored in dusty boxes, this is the time to put them to good use. With the help of some makeup you can make your dolls look spooky and totally creepy. Use some scissors to cut out some of the clothes and hair. Finally, with the use of some sticks or pencils nail your dolls straight up into the ground.

Alternatively, you can slightly hide them behind bushes or sit them right by the fence looking at the entrance. There is something about odd looking dolls that over the years has continued to send chills down the spines of children and adults.


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How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard
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How to Make Halloween Props for the Yard

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