How to Make El Diablo from Suicide Squad Costume

How to Make El Diablo from Suicide Squad Costume
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When the Suicide Squad comic book was made into a Hollywood film, it gathered lots of attention. Not only was it popular due to its unique character, rather their costumes too made headlines due to their uniqueness. While some costumes were kept same as it was portrayed in the comic strip, others like that of Enchantress and Harley Quinn were quite different. These costumes are becoming so popular that people want to make appearance during Halloween or at costume parties donning one of the look. If you too are interested then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to make El Diablo from Suicide Squad costume.

Skull Tattoo

The skull tattoo is the main feature of this El Diablo costume. Nailing this tattooed look means half your work is done. But since we don’t want to look our whole life like El Diablo, do not try the permanent tattoo. Instead try to create the skull tattoo with makeup. There are lots of tutorials which can show you how to nail the El Diablo’s skull tattoo look with makeup.

Remember to apply a light foundation and add some baby powder on your face to create a whiter, skull-looking face. Then, draw in the lines with liquid eyeliner to achieve this makeup.

If you can’t do it alone then ask a friend to help you achieve the look.

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Tank Top

Another must have item to nail the El Diablo costume is the Tank top, a piece that everybody has in their closet. So, sport a white tank top to get the casual El Diablo look. When teamed with the open Letterman jacket, it will complete the casual look.

Letterman Jacket

The Letterman jacket with front button closure over the tank top is what you need for the El Diablo costume. The jacket’s body is of dark blue color and the sleeves are of a lighter shade of blue than the body. The Letterman jacket has Diablo written on the upper left side of chest. This Letterman jacket is now available online. It can also be brought in stores or you can have it custom-made for you. This jacket has a sophisticated look about it and hence you can use it even when you are not sporting the El Diablo look.



A simple casual grey trouser can be worn underneath the Letterman jacket. In Suicide Squad, El Diablo dons trousers which are more in the category of cargo trouser. Take your pick from the grey trousers in cargo style available on the market and look like the extremely casual El Diablo.


Matching the white tank top choose a sports shoe or pumps which are white in color. The white shoes will complete your El Diablo costume.

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