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How to Make Centerpieces for a Civil Wedding

How to Make Centerpieces for a Civil Wedding

Civil weddings is a very special celebration for couples, for it is through this ceremony that they will be united in matrimony in the eyes of the law. Many couples decide to celebrate this moment with their loved ones in a very special setting.

Are you planning your civil wedding and do not know how to decorate? At oneHOWTO we have some ideas for you on how to make centerpieces for a civil wedding that are simple but striking.

Steps to follow:

Flowers in wine glasses:

If you are looking for centerpieces for your civil wedding that are really easy to make, you will not find a better option than this. Just use wine glasses of various shapes and sizes, flipped over with a colorful flower under each. It will look like a small greenhouse or terrarium, and it will allow you to create striking color palettes in a very simple and understated way.

At the base of the wine glass you can place a small candle for the final touch to this simple, creative and practical centerpiece that anyone can do at home for any semi-formal or formal occasion.


Sophisticated stones and flowers:

For those who prefer centerpieces for their civil wedding that are a little more sober, this alternative is very easy to do - and looks very sophisticated. Pick glass containers in the shape you like best, either rectangular, cylindrical, square, etc.

Place stones of different colors and sizes along at the bottom with the flower of your choice. Make sure the stem is being held down by the stones, so when you add water the flower does not float. Add the water and then a candle: the result, as you can see in the picture, is beautiful.


Whimsical birdcage:

If you are planning to a civil wedding and you want the celebration to have a vintage, whimsical touch, you're sure to love this centerpiece. Although it requires a greater investment to purchase an old cage, it will almost certainly prove a hit with your guests because it is a very creative and beautiful idea.

Find a vintage birdcage, clean it well - what about a layer of gold or white paint? - and simply fill it with your favorite flowers, ensuring that there are many green elements to give it a lively, fresh touch. You'll see how this centerpiece will be a hit at your civil wedding.


Shabby chic boxes:

This is another good choice for centerpieces for your civil wedding that requires very little effort. Get some boxes, which can even be cardboard, and cover them with esparto fabric as you can see in the picture, or the fabric of your choice. Natural linen is our best recommendation for a shabby chic centerpiece.

Once the boxes are lined, fill them with your favorite flowers in a thick, simple and beautiful arrangement that will look stunning. The small chalkboard complements the decor, giving it a retro touch, but it's not necessary if you don't want it.


Simple flowers in mason jars:

It doesn't get easier than this! For this centerpiece for civil weddings you just need glass or mason jars, preferably recycled ones for a greener and environmentally-friendly touch, and small bouquets. You can also hang mason jars as candle holders.

In all arrangements with flowers, you should choose seasonal, fresh plants as they are much more beautiful and economical, giving your wedding a cooler touch and allowing you to have an affordable wedding.


Classic rose bouquet:

This centerpiece is ideal for classic couples, because it contains all the typical elements: simple look, round shape, and roses. This arrangement is also easy to prepare; you just need to group flowers in bunches, making sure you choose those with thicker and stronger stems, and tie them with a string. You might need a base for the centerpieces to stay in place. Use some candles to go with it.


These are our answers on how to make centerpieces for a civil wedding. Share your ideas in the comments section!

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How to Make Centerpieces for a Civil Wedding
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How to Make Centerpieces for a Civil Wedding