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How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home

Wonder Woman is a superheroine who appears in comic books, cartoons and movies. She has a lasso and an invisible aeroplane to help her to fight against injustice. She could be considered for girls what Superman is for boys, the authentic heroin and advocate for peace and justice. If you want to dress up like Wonder Woman for Carnival, Halloween or any other occasion, do not miss this OneHowTo article on how to make a Wonder Woman costume at home.

You'll need:

  • Blue, white, gold and red fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Golden rope

Steps to follow:


For the shorts of the Wonder Woman costume, you can try to find some similar ones in a store or turning some cobalt blue hot pants or underwear into shorts. You can also opt for a mini skirt, as long as you cover the blue fabric with white stars.

How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home - Step 1
Image: occforeclosure.net

You can make the stars with white cloth and sew them onto your shorts or skirt. We recommend that you print out stars of various sizes and use them as a template.

An easier option is to make the stars by cutting them out from a piece of paper and sticking them on the skirt or shorts with glue. If you want a quick and effective solution for your wonder woman costume, you can also use white tape.


You'll also need a wide golden belt; just as with the shorts, if you find it very difficult to find one, use gold fabric that you can later use to make the golden diadem or tiara that Wonder Woman wears on her forehead too.

Cut the piece of golden fabric according to the size of your waist and either tie it on or sew some Velcro for a more professional finish.

How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home - Step 3
Image: escapade.co.uk

As for the torso, the Wonder Woman costume consists of a red corset with pronounced cleavage. If you're not comfortable with this type of garment, you can also replace it with a t-red shirt and suspenders. We recommend that you add golden fabric to the cleavage in the shape of a W to look more like her.


Regarding footwear, Wonder Woman wears red, knee-high boots. In case you have or find some, that problem is solved; but chances are you do not own boots like this, so you can make them by using a red cloth to cover your shoes. You can also use other red shoes, be creative!

How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home - Step 5

For accessories, you should make gold or silver wristbands which can be made with the same fabric as the belt, or you can try to find sufficiently wide metal bracelets.

For Wonder woman's tiara, measure the diameter of your head and also cut a small V shape in the middle of the area above the forehead. Make sure you sew these golden fabric accessory parts for a perfect finish.

How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home - Step 6

As a complement to the Wonder Woman costume you can also use a golden rope that resembles the lasso used by the heroin.

How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home - Step 7
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Make sure you wear translucent tights if you want your Wonder Woman costume for Halloween, as nights can get pretty chilly in November!

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  • Look for Wonder Woman pictures to have a clearer image of how to make the costume.
  • For Wonder Woman's makeup, paint your lips bright red and apply mascara on your eyes. Keep the eye area simple and let the focus be on your lips.
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Image: occforeclosure.net
Image: escapade.co.uk
Image: articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar
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How To Make A Wonder Woman Costume At Home