How To Make A Minnie Mouse Costume From Scratch

How To Make A Minnie Mouse Costume From Scratch

One of the best known Disney characters is Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse's companion. Dressing up as Minnie is a fun and easy-to-make option for young girls. With just a few materials, you can make a beautiful Minnie Mouse costume at home. If you want your daughter to be the belle of the ball, do not miss this OneHowTo article on how to make a Minnie Mouse costume from scratch.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

For your Minnie Mouse costume you need one short sleeve red t-shirt and another long sleeve black t-shirt to wear underneath and simulate Minnie's arms.

Add white polka dots on the t-shirt's sleeves either by sewing white fabric circles or sticking white circle stickers.


You should also wear black tights, leggings or leotards on the legs for the same purpose.


For the skirt you can choose a red skirt with white polka dots but if this is hard to find you can choose to make it yourself. To do this, you can purchase some fabric with this print or use a red skirt, and stick on the white dots with small, white, felt cut-outs.


To make Minnie Mouse's ears we recommend you use foam board or some other material strong enough to not bend or fold over. You must draw two circles that will later be stuck onto a headband to place it in your head.


You will have to make the bow worn on the the little mouse's head with red and white felt or you an do it with cardboard and then paint it in those colours.


To make Minnie's tail you can use materials such as felt or foam or even a string of black lace. Another idea is to get some old black tights, cut out one leg and fill it with black socks. You'll only need to sew your tail to the skirt.


Finally, you will also need short, white gloves, and, with regard to footwear, although Minnie Mouse wore yellow shoes you can opt to use a shoes in black, white, red...


For your Minnie Mouse costume makeup, Paint the tip of your nose black and draw whiskers on your cheeks. Apply mascara or, if you like, use fake eyelashes, as Minnie Mouse has very long ones!


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Have fun!

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