How To Make A Mime Costume - Easy And Fast

How To Make A Mime Costume - Easy And Fast

If you want to surprise everyone at a birthday party, carnival, Halloween or at an event with friends, a mime costume will be brilliant. I did this last year and I had a great time; not using speech and having to communicate with people with gestures is something you can have a lot of fun with. In addition, making the costume took just a moment. At OneHowTo we explain how to make a mime costume in just a few minutes.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to do in order to create your mime costume is to apply white base make up to the face. For a mime costume, unlike other disguises such as zombies or spiders, there is no need to paint the entire face and neck, you only need to paint the front area of the face. You can highlight it with a thin black line around the white area to emphasize the white zone more.


The next step to make a good mime costume is to create the details of the face. Red or black lips and black eyes are the basics, then you can add little details like a scar over one eye.

Apply eyeliner freely on your eyes and apply red or dark pink eye shadow for a more striking effect.

You can also add fake eyelashes for an even more dramatic effect.


Other elements of the mime costume are simple, guys need black trousers and the girls can choose between trousers or a black skirt. In the case of skirts it is advisable to use white stockings and black and white socks. In the picture you can see all the necessary material to make a mime costume.


A very good mime costume makeup trick is to use black cream eye shadow and a fine makeup brush to delineate the lower eyelids. Many mime artists also use the same tools to draw a tear or other decorations in one or both eyes.


Add some items to the mime costume, like a beret and black top hat, tie, suspenders, and striped socks. If you want to create a horror mime, for Halloween for example, add a visible wound with make up and fake blood.

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  • Making a mime costume is a great last minute Halloween choice as we usually have most of the elements required at home or can easily purchase them at the supermarket.