How to make a homemade hippie costume for Carnival

How to make a homemade hippie costume for Carnival

When Carnaval comes around we get to have fun choosing a costume and having a great time. Whether you love the fashion of the late 60s and 70s, or you're planning to attend a hippie party, you need to find the perfect outfit for the occasion, so this article explains in detail how to make a homemade hippie costume for Carnaval in simple steps with elements that you can find easily.

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Women are sure that you will find something perfect in their wardrobes or from a friend or relative for a homemade hippie costume for Carnaval. This article gives you several options to help you find the perfect look.

Do you have a long skirt? This garment that has been so fashionable in recent years, was a classic choice among hippies. You can choose a garment in solid colours, preferably beige, brown or very bright colours like fuchsia, or a skirt with psychedelic prints. Combine this with a top or shirt that matches and see how, thanks to the right accessories, you can be a very chic hippie.


If you still have some flared trousers that were so popular, not only in the 70s, but also in late 90s, you already have the perfect choice for your home hippie costume for Carnaval.

Combine the flared trousers with a psychedelic patterned shirt , or the typical multicoloured shirt as you see in the picture, for a quick and easy hippie costume. This alternative makes a good costume for boys and girls.


Another option for a simple men's homemade hippie costume , is to combine a shirt of a light shade such as beige, with brown or blue bell-bottoms and accessories. If you have a fur vest, add it to your outfit and see how it combines perfectly, giving you a typical 70s look.


In the late 60s and early 70s mini or maxi dresses were in fashion, so are ideal choices for your homemade hippie costume. If you have a mini or maxi dress with typical patterns of the era such as flowers, or in bright colours like fuchsia, yellow and orange, you can get them out of your closet and create the perfect look for your costume.


For shoes you can opt for flat boots, platforms or flat sandals, whatever you have on hand will serve to complement your home hippie costume.

And of course accessories are very important with this outfit: headbands, peace sign necklaces , big bracelets, John Lennon style round glasses, and a long wig is perfect for those guys who want to look even more authentic. These are the perfect finishing touches for this fun hippie costume for Carnaval or any other fancy dress occasion. You can also make quick diy bracelets at home.

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