How to make a Guy Fawkes for bonfire night

How to make a Guy Fawkes for bonfire night

On the 5th of November, People in the UK and other commonwealth countries celebrate Bonfire Night. This is a very popular night to mark the death of Guy Fawkes and as a way of remembering the gunpowder plot. The celebrations have become more and more elaborate as the years have passed.

People began to celebrate by starting bonfires and shooting off fireworks. It is also tradition to make a Guy Fawkes dummy to put onto the fire. OneHowTo can show you how to make your own Guy Fawkes dummy and get yourself a few pennies for the guy.

What you need to make your own Guy Fawkes Dummy

In order to make your own Guy Fawkes dummy, you will need a few things that are usually laying around the house. You will need clothing for your dummy. You will need a shirt, pants, and a jacket. It doesn't matter too much as they are going to get burnt, but try to get some clothes which will look a bit like Guy Fawkes.


Making the body of your dummy

Your dummy will also need body parts to fill the outfit and make it look more realistic. You can make your Guy Fawkes dummy's arms and legs out of quite a few different materials, newspaper and sticks could be combined to create the limbs. You will want to use materials that do not give off any chemicals while they are being burned. The best materials are newspaper and wood, or an old pillowcase stuffed with newspaper. These will make a great body for your Guy Fawkes dummy.

Making a Head for your Guy Fawkes Dummy

Many people also like to try and make a lifelike head for their Guy Fawkes dummy. If you want to get seriously creative, Plaster of Paris works very well and it will not give off harmful chemicals when it is burned. You can base your design on the iconic Guy Fawkes mask from the film V for Vendetta.

If you dont want to spend that much time on the head, you can choose a hooded jacket and then just stuff the hood with newspaper and get a Guy Fawkes mask to keep the newspaper in place and give your Guy Fawkes Dummy a face.

You can add lots of different flammable materials like string or newspaper that will help your dummy to burn quicker, and if you are really proud of your dummy why not go out on the streets before it gets burned and collect a few pennies for the guy! If you are taking part in the November 5th festivities, make sure to be safe and enjoy yourself on Bonfire Night!

This is also a great activity to do with your kids on Bonfire Night.


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