How to Make a Cheap Hawaiian Costume For Boys

How to Make a Cheap Hawaiian Costume For Boys

If you're looking for a fun, fresh and summery costume, a Hawaiian outfit is just what you need. Really simple to make, lively, colorful and using nothing more than summer clothing you'll already have to hand with a few accessories, you'll be the life and soul of the party. It really is an easy fancy dress costume.

If you want to know how to get the best results with the least time, effort and money, this OneHowTo article will explain how to make a cheap Hawaiian costume for boys.

Steps to follow:

Start with the hair, which needs to be unkempt and messy. If you have short hair, gel it up in all directions, and if you've got long hair, go for a wet look with some styling gel or foam.


Don't forget sunglasses. They should be big, thick and white. If not, any colour will do, just make sure they're a bit wacky. So if you can get your hands on glasses that look a bit different or have a funny shape, these will be ideal!


For the Hawaiian costume you'll need a loose fitting, short-sleeved, ideally with palm trees, big colorful flowers or some other beach related image on it what's a Hawaiian costume without the shirt!

There are lots of these around, they're very fashionable at the moment, so this won't be hard to find. If you prefer, a brightly coloured cotton shirt with some sort of beach pattern or motif will also do the trick.


Shorts that go below the knee. Either brightly colored with no pattern, or with a similar beach-themed pattern that matches your shirt.


Don´t forget about flip-flops. It's important to have your feet on show. Rubber flip-flops, sometimes actually known asHawaiian style flip-flops, are ideal for this costume. You can get them in many colours and with a wide range of patterns.


A colourful necklace is a must, to give a more authentic touch to your costume. Why not get yourself a long, colourful flower necklace.


If you're brave enough to wear a sarong down to your feet, you'll make quite the authentic Hawaiian. If it's warm, you could go shirtless, add a necklace, and your costume will be a smash hit.

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  • Lots of colour; wear brightly coloured clothes and accessories.
  • A nice big smile on your face will make your costume even more genuine.