How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party

By Jane Bertin. Updated: June 3, 2018
How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party

Do you want to host a different, more relaxed kind of event? A brunch or breakfast party may be your best choice. It can be a formal event for your workmates or a holiday treat for your children; no matter how fancy you want to make it, it'll be easier than hosting a dinner party. Take a look at the menus in your favorite places, adapt them to your budget and skills and you'll be good to go.

Stay here at OneHowTo to learn how to plan the menu, arrange the logistics and take good care of all the important aspects in your life - your health and your relationships. We'll show you how to host a brunch or breakfast party that's hearty and fun. Read on!

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Steps to follow:

Hot or cold? Sweet or savory?

The answer is obvious - in a brunch or breakfast party, the more variety the better. A proper morning meal should be hearty and comforting - rich breads and egg-based dishes are clear favorites - as well as fresh and yummy. Don't forget to ask your guests about their dietary requirements and allergies.

No matter what you prepare when you host your morning party, look for things you can make in advance - you don't want to wake up at dawn! Forget about omelettes or pancakes, since they will keep you in the kitchen for way too long; less effort is best if you want to be a good host.

Good breakfast and brunch foods that can be made beforehand include:

  • Cakes and muffins: They can be frozen.
  • Scones and biscuits: The dough can be frozen - just pop them in the oven early in the morning.
  • Pancakes and waffles: They take some time to cook, but the batter can be prepared the night before.
  • French toast: Soak them overnight.
  • Sausages, bacon and other meats: Make them only if you know how to roast them hands-off.
  • Cold brew coffee: It's also one of the ways to prepare more sustainable coffee!

How to set a buffet for a brunch or breakfast party:

A buffet makes for a more relaxed mood than sitting down at a table, and it makes socializing easier. Prep a long table the night before; use a plain white tablecloth (cotton or linen) as well as real plates and bowls instead of paper ones. If you must use paper napkins, pick them with multiple layers. When you host a breakfast party with a buffet it's very important to make sure that every guest has both a mug and a glass, as well as their own bowl to create their own combinations.

Serve the food in baskets, platters and bowls and don't forget to line them with cloths. They don't have to match as long as they fit a mood or theme - shabby, vintage, smart, metallic, etc. Pour the drinks into tall pitchers and carafes and arrange the buffet to play with height and depth - don't put everything in a row. Each dip and garnish should be in its own bowl with its own knife for spreading.

Good food choices for a breakfast or brunch buffet are dishes that take up space, like piles of bagels, a quiche or two, fruit bowls and salads. You can also have a toaster for your guests to use, as well as bowls with gourmet salts and butters.

The buffet will be the focus of attention of your morning party, so do not overdecorate. Leave plenty of room for everyone to move around and for children to play, and have an informal sitting area.

How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party - Step 2

How to set the table for a breakfast party:

A set table will inevitably feel more formal than a buffet, but in general the dos and don'ts are the same. Use a white tablecloth and set it the night before. Create a comfortable mood to ease all early-morning awkwardness with soothing warm light and maybe some music; you don't want the white, sophisticated glare of an expensive restaurant.

For a sit-down breakfast, food should be smaller. Bring it in on a tray, serve and retire. Bowls and finger-food platters can be passed around, but a basket or two in the middle will be better. This is a much better option for egg-based dishes, which can get a bit messy in a buffet.

How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party - Step 3

What to serve at a brunch or breakfast party:

As we said, variety is your best ally. Our recommendation is that you avoid heavy food and meat in general and that you go for a continental breakfast, since pastries are easy to find and serve and it looks more impressive and fancier than it actually is.

To host a brunch or breakfast party, we recommend:

  • Pay attention to the coffee and tea blends. It's an event, so they ought to be special or at least very good. Have hot water at hand and serve with sugar cubes.
  • Have plenty of plain bread and bagels to go around. Plain doesn't mean bad - it means everyone can arrange them to their taste.
  • Always serve fruit. Whole fruit will never be eaten at a brunch or breakfast party; you should chop it and serve it in salads. If it's winter, make a winter fruit salad with apples, pears and pomegranates drizzled with syrup or citrus juice.
  • Serve something extra dressy, like fruit dipped in chocolate. Voilà!
How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party - Step 4

Here we have more breakfast tips:

Now that you know how to host a brunch or breakfast party, give us your tips and favorite recipes in the comments section!

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How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party
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How to Host a Brunch or Breakfast Party

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