How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking

By Sara . March 29, 2017
How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking

When we hear the word party, free food and drinks immediately pop up in our mind. Along with lots of fun, the free drinks become a major crowd puller for any party. But the ending of such parties are not always good as the people might get unruly under the influence of alcohol or the party venue might be covered in vomits. If you are in a free booze party and want to have fun minus the alcohol then fret not as there are lots of ways. In this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to have fun at a party without drinking.

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Non-alcoholic drinks to the rescue

Take a cup similar to everyone else’s and quietly fill it with water. Blend into the rest of the crowd and keep taking sips in the same way you would sip your drinks. Your already drunken friends won’t be able to notice that you are actually not drinking and you won’t be ousted out of the crowd for being a non drinker if this is the issue you're worried about.

You can also be more creative and make yourself delicious non-alcoholic cocktails that will make all your alcohol-drinking friends want a sip. Try out a non-alcoholic daiquiri or mojito.

Highlight your other skills

Skills like dancing, singing, mimicking and other creative skills can be a great crowd pleasure. If you are an awesome dancer, show off your dancing skills or if you can mimic then make the crowd laugh with your antics. This way you will be busy entertaining people without having to hold a cup in your hand. Even a good conversationalist can make their way through the crowd without having to sip a drop of alcohol.

How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking - Highlight your other skills

Be comfortable

Often during a party, most people start to drink to ward off nervousness. Socially awkward people fall in this category as they think booze will open them up. The best way such people can enjoy such party is by being comfortable and confident. Wear something which heightens your confidence and you are comfortable in. Being comfortable will ease off your nervousness and you can even enjoy the party sans the drinks.

Mingle and make friend

The best part about a party is that you can make lots of new friends and acquaintances. Take a cup of water or soft drink in your hand and mingle with the crowd. No one will notice that you aren’t drinking and you can strike up conversation with the person next to you. Make friends, talk with strangers and present yourself in the best possible way. Meanwhile add some fun into the conversation by introducing jokes or strike a hilarious conversation with a drunk person.

How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking - Mingle and make friend

Party games

Introduce games such as darts, charades, video games or any other creative games. This way you can socialize with people without relying on alcohol. Flip cups and beer pongs are some of the best games during a drink party. Everyone will be impressed by your skills and your drunkard opponents won’t hold a chance to your sober skills. You can also introduce some saucy games so that more and more people can participate in it. If you are having a poolside party then you and your friends can take a dip and play some ball games in the pool too. This will keep you and others off the booze and people would love to participate in the games too.

How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking - Party games

Gorge on all the free food

While others are busy filling their cups, you can simply hit the food counter. Eat as much as you want and ask your host if they have any non alcoholic beverage. If you are uncomfortable in asking your host then simple bring a drink of your choice along with you. Sip on the drink and enjoy the free food without any worry.

Observe the crowd

If you don’t want to be social at a party and yet want to have your shares of fun then just sit and observe the crowd. There is nothing more funny than hearing a group of drunk people talk their heart out without really understanding each other. You can narrate the drunk confessions of your friends the next day when they are sober enough. It will provide you an opportunity to embarrass your friend for lifetime. After all what could be more fun than embarrassing your friends!

How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking - Observe the crowd

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How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking
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How to Have Fun at a Party without Drinking

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